How We Switch from Zend to Laravel. Story of Success

If you are looking for a job, where you will need to use just all your knowledge got at university, then being a developer is definetely not for you. Being a developer is not only about writing code, it is permanent study, self-development and constant analyzis in what direction to move. Being a developer means to be flexible, not to be afraid of changes and the most important – to implement these changes.

Very often when we get used to something, it is very difficult for us to leave it and to start something new, even if we understand that it is no more efficient for us, just because we do not want to leave our comfort zone. But if we want to be successful, we need to start thinking out of the box, that is the first step for positie changes.

One of our most experienced PHP teams was working for more than 3 years with Zend Framework 1.12., they have launched dozens of successful projects and always received positive feedback from clients, they knew all the pros and cons of this framework and always knew what to offer clients. But the time has passed and more and more often we were starting to think that it is the time to change something. One of the options was to try Zend Framework 2.x, but after some attempts, we realized that because of its performance, it is not actually what we needed. And on one usual day one of our clients asked us a question, which has changed a lot to us: “Why do you use old framework?”. After that we relized that there is no more time to postpone and started our reserch. After all the reviews, tests, polls, we made our choice – Laravel.

So why Laravel?

– in comarision with Zend 1.x, it uses the latest PHP features (namespaces, traits, anonymous functions, clousures)
– eloquent ORM – quite flexible and easy in use ORM
– it is easy to build RESTFull applications with it
– blade template
– realizes evsnts
– database migration mechanism “out of the box”
– big community, a lot of ready modules and solutions (payment systems, query, databases and services adapters)
– simple and flexible routing

With Laravel we can build projects of various complexity and scale.

Why is it beneficial for our Clients?

– First of all, it helps to save a lot of time due to its instinctive modular packaging systems.
– With this framework set-up and customization process is incredibly easy.
– The Laravel code is always regimented which applies the finest practices while its executions.
– Laravel comes with a lot of in-built features which helps in template engines, dependency injection containers, service layers and a well-built code.
– Pre-enabled tools to protect from injection and xss attacks making it less complex for the Laravel Developers.

Now, when we have completed several dozens of projects on Laravel, we understand that it was the right choice. When the developers are happy with what they do, then the clients are happy with what they receive.

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