The Importance of Your Mobile Strategy

iphone-933205_960_720Today it is obvious that the use of mobile devices is becoming more common and wide-spread with every subsequent year and this process surely is not going to stop in the nearest future. So, this fact determines the need to think about the mobile strategy of your company.

Let’s see what it means to you and your customers.

To start with, we would like to speak about some statistics.

Do you know that, for example, 25% of Americans are so-called ‘mobile-only internet users’? For this reason, without having a good mobile strategy a business would never reach those people and they would never even learn of your services or products.

Here are some other facts:

  • More than 1.2 billion people worldwide use the web via mobile;
  • About 50% of eCommerce traffic today comes from mobile devices;
  • 40% of people expect mobile pages to load as fast as desktop. They would leave a page which loads longer than 3 seconds;
  • Smartphone eCommerce is growing 48 percent faster than eCommerce overall;
  • Almost 50% of small businesses expect to have a mobile app by 2017;
  • According to surveys, small businesses save more than $65 billion every year through mobile technologies.

So, taking into consideration the importance of a mobile strategy and using our experience in this field, let’s talk about the main aspects which can be improved and about the benefits you will get.

Basically, a mobile strategy might contain:

  • a responsive web design which adapts to the device which is used;
  • a mobile version of your web site;
  • a mobile App.

To make the right choice of your strategy you should consider a number of factors: who is your customer, what needs he/she has, what is your main goal, what is the budget, what technologies you prefer to use, and many others. It would be just perfect for you to communicate with a professional and experienced team in order to make an ideal decision. So, contacting [bvblogic] would be a great idea. Moreover, our consulting is free and we will gladly help you to choose the best solutions.

Here are the main factors to which we always pay attention, and we recommend our customers not to ignore them.

Undoubtedly, one of the main aspects of a good mobile strategy is the loading speed. Having a slow mobile version or App is unacceptable nowadays. Your visitors or customers would just abandon it and never come back again. iphone-1451614_960_720 Our developers are good in using the most effective technologies to make sure the solution you get does not suffer from these shortcomings.

Another important benefit that should be provided is an opportunity to make a purchase quickly. In addition, mobile payment capability is extremely important. Today most people want to have an opportunity to make a purchase immediately when such a need appears. If you do not give them this opportunity, your competitors will do that.

It also would be great to provide the user with an opportunity to find your location fast and easily. Giving your customer directions to your store or office right from your App is a great way to get users’ loyalty.

twitter-292994_960_720Speaking of the creation of a mobile App, the most valuable feature is a possibility to use push notifications. What you get as a result:

  • Remind your customers about your brand;
  • Inform your customers about news easily and fast.

But you should do it wisely, try to avoid being annoying.

Some other aspects which should be considered while developing your mobile strategy (we always pay attention to them in our work):

  • possibility to scale your strategy in the future,
  • attractive and user-friendly design,
  • assurance of secure processing of user data,
  • flexibility of your strategy (it is necessary to provide the user with the possibility to easily change a device in the middle of the process of using your App or web site)

In any way, a good and effective mobile strategy would give your customer the feeling that he/she is valued and important to your company, so they would get fewer reasons to use your competitors’ services.

If you are interested in our experience in mobile solutions development, you can read about Nimbus Note or Navizor App, or just contact our team and get a free consultation :)


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