What Is a Business Domain and Why It Is So Important?

Whenever we come across any kind of business website, we notice there such sections as general information, mission, aim and values, services, contact information, sometimes a blog and also fields of activity. In other words, we call them domains, that is, specific spheres for business-oriented solutions.


This approach is really efficient in IT companies’ working process, because the team works on certain solutions and has rich experience in this particular area. Clients rely on developers’ practical knowledge and skills that have been acquired while implementing such kinds of projects.

Now I would like to show how it works with regard to our 10 years’ experience. Our main domains are:

  • Logistics. In this case we offer navigation, trace&tracking systems, route building, analysis of delivering data, driving style control, and applications that enable clients to track their order from the very beginning to the pick-up moment.
  • Agriculture. Our clients in the agro-sector get a CRM system for managing their business, smart farming for monitoring the life cycle of a plant, image recognition, RFID solutions, equipment monitoring etc.
  • Gas Stations. For this area we offer mobile application with the help of which drivers are able to pay for fuel only by scanning a QR code, as well as make orders from gas station stores in an online mode while driving to this place.
  • e-Commerce. Building big online marketplaces with an opportunity to compare products and pay for them using online payment systems, to create a buyer’s personal cabinet; high loading capability and a lot of others solutions for online shop owners and users.
  • e-Booking and e-Ticketing. Our solutions enable users to easily book and purchase tickets online with the option to apply selection filters.

For each of these fields we provide solutions that help to manage, optimize, develop and implement innovative business solutions, as well as satisfy the needs of current clients and gain new ones.

Working in specific domains means that you are a competitive professional, your product has a higher value, you are aware of the newest trends and interact with experts who know everything about it.

So, find your domain and become an expert in it.


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