Top 6 Hottest Digital Trends in 2019

It’s already mid-Autumn and 2018 is coming to an end. All professionals in digital marketing, SEO, and software development teams should review and plan their campaigns for the upcoming 2019. Let’s dive into the key mainstreaming trends:

  • VR and AR – these are not the same things. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are changing the way we use mobile phones creating new and exciting interactive experiences. Any picture you’d like to see: the design of your house with all the furniture and equipment from a store or which clothes will suit you best – all this becomes possible thanks to VR and AR. For example, IKEA is proud to introduce the option of a virtual reality showroom: people can customize their living room or kitchen by choosing sofas, tables and almost all of the furniture from the virtual store, which is a huge breakthrough in retail. It’s something that makes them competitive on the market.schermafdruk-2015-10-16-21-07-19
  • Video Content is becoming more and more popular. Images are becoming a thing of the past. It is the video that is the most striking and demanded tool that allows you to convey your message to the target audience, so there are no doubts that video ads should come to the fore in your marketing campaign. With the help of it, you can find mutual understanding and trust between your business and your potential clients.


  • AI-based solutions. Software companies offer solutions that can optimize and improve your ROI. Better trend analyses, enhanced customer search methods are becoming more sophisticated.


  • Voice Search. Global businesses provide the voice search option in their digital strategy. The reason for its popularity is that society is looking for tools that will take less time to obtain relevant information. It’s so irritating when predictive text or auto-correction leads to an improper source. Today talking to your mobile phone is not a miracle or crazy antics, but a common fact.
  • Messaging Apps. If you wish to be closer to your clients – you totally should think about social messaging applications. It provides you a direct approach to the target audience – it’s a place where a massive part of human communication occurs.


  • Chatbots Again? Yes, nowadays we might forget about the importance of chatbots in specific types of business. But we should think about updating this tool. Chatbots are being improved and 2019 won’t be an exception. They perform quite a big amount of our daily and routine work. They can give relevant and information in a timely manner after which we can take further steps immediately. Chatbots which are built on an AI technology will be in high demand.

 To sum up, I’d like to say that a well-thought campaign will allow you to be in top charts. Companies that invest more in cutting-edge advertising and marketing technologies are going to be more likely to return their investments within reasonable timeframes and grow their businesses manifold either in mid-term or long-term perspectives. And what trends will you include in your digital strategy for 2019?

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