5 Reasons to Make Online Purchases Through Mobile Apps

It is common knowledge that most online purchases are made with the help of a mobile phone. This way of shopping is relatively recent, but thanks to its advantages, it is becoming more and more popular among great numbers of users. Moreover, the constant increase in the number of mobile phones and tablets owners is another contributing factor to this new trend.

It’s handy

Do you agree that the things we almost always have with us are the keys, the wallet and … the smartphone! So, wherever you are, you have access to online mobile stores. With these applications, it is possible to choose, pay and order the necessary things even in public transport or at a hairdresser’s. And you don’t need to turn on your computer, open the browser and look for the online store websites. Everything you need is in your pocket.


It’s fast

If you have already created a user profile in an online store, then after downloading the application you just need to log in, and all the information, such as purchase history, the shipping address, your phone number is automatically synchronized. Here you are! Now making online purchases with a few clicks and swipes is possible.

It’s convenient

Mobile app “remembers” previous purchases and later “recommends” products according to your preferences. Filters are also helpful: price, popularity, updates, discounts etc. In case the required product is temporary not available, all you need is to choose “notify me when the item is available” option and the application will automatically let you know once the product is in the store. With this feature you will also know about all promotions and discounts.


It’s up-to-date

The use of machine learning for mobile shops development is becoming more popular. With the help of a special algorithm, the app picks up the products and creates your image. For example, if you bought sneakers and want to complete your image with a perfect backpack, the program will help you to find it according to the color and style. Plus, it’s based on your purchase history.

It’s profitable

Firstly, such applications are available for free download.

Secondly, the loyalty system is automatically activated after the download: you, as a new user of the application, get bonuses. Also, by clicking a special link you can invite your friends to this mobile store, and also receive a reward.

Most buyers prefer to make online shopping through mobile apps, because it’s handy, fast, convenient, up-to-date and profitable. And how many mobile online stores can you already visit with your smartphone?


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