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The period of 2019-2020 will forever be remembered for a variety of events: from large-scale disasters to breakthrough global achievements. And while the world shuddered from change, we celebrated the 12th anniversary of the company.

This is another significant year for our company. A year during which we grew and learned, gained new experience, and improved. Another year of code, innovation, and solution finding. A year of incredible events, cool people, and unforgettable emotions. It wasn’t always easy for us, not everything was possible from the first attempt, but we persistently and invincibly went forward, implementing new cool projects.

Awards and honors

We always try to be one team, solve problems together, and celebrate our success. The company’s distinctions and awards are even more motivating for us. It is at this time that we realize that we belong to something big, feel that our efforts are beneficial and change in the world of IT.

We have won many awards over the past year, and we should be proud of them. Here are our main honors.:

  1. Reliable Company on Extract.co – a selection of the best software companies.
  2. TOP1000 B2B Companies Global on Clutch.co – only 1% of the companies in the world have this title.
  3. TOP40 Ukraine on Clutch – as of today bvblogic is already among the TOP30!
  4. TOP Rated on Upwork – international exchange for IT agencies.
  5. TOP Web Developers in Canada by GoodFirms – a platform for feedback and rating.
  6. Trusted Partner of YouTeam – a platform for hiring remote development teams.
The awards and distinctions that bvblogic received in 2019 and 2020.

Work hard and be proud

Over the past year, our team has launched over 50 new projects in various fields. We are actively developing CRM systems, chatbots, SaaS solutions, marketplaces, marketing products, and many other equally cool things.

Among the developed projects we can highlight:

  • P.AID – uber-like aggregator for brands, people, and society.
  • Enjovia – a gift voucher system that allows businesses to sell vouchers and manage gift cards online.
  • Kite Travel – service for easy and convenient planning of a trip to the location for kite surfing.

For each of these projects, we used PHP and Laravel technologies.

According to Techreviewer.co, we are also included in Top PHP Developers, and the Clutch platform has recognized us as one of the Top Laravel Development Companies.

Our work has been greatly influenced by the Covid-19 global pandemic, and we switched to remote work. Communication with customers, interviews with developers, joint meetings – all this is now taking place online. We not only worked online, we even socialized and drank coffee together online.

Online coffee in Zoom

We have clearly realized that many businesses are on hold and the crisis is threatening absolutely everything, so we have tried to focus our work on the current top activities:

  • E-commerce
  • Retail
  • Delivery services
  • Online learning systems
  • Game industry
  • Health
  • On-demand Services

An excellent example of such work is our developed food delivery service RapidEx and high-blood pressure prediction application Dialik.

Design Thinking Lab

This year at bvblogic we started working with the strategy of Design Thinking. This innovative methodology of creative solutions allows us to generate many business ideas, create new products, or improve the existing ones.

Design Thinking is aimed at the client in order to better understand their product, problems, and pain, and through a mutual exchange of ideas, a selection of different concepts and experiments always get innovative solutions.

This is a multi-level process that takes place in several stages – design sprints – with a total duration of 3 to 5 days. We offer the Design Thinking approach to our clients and actively use it for the development of the company. It is thanks to Design Thinking Lab that we have increased the brand recognition bvblogic, optimized internal processes, and organized a New Year’s party.

The Design Thinking Lab team in planning and organizing the New Year's Eve corporation

99 talks

One example of corporate entrepreneurship at bvblogic is the 99talks project. The main idea was to create a series of short, not boring, and informative tech meetups for IT specialists with a permanent location in Ivano-Frankivsk, during which people could freely communicate about useful innovative practices in technological fields and share interesting cases. Each tech meetup has a specific topic and a speaker who is an expert in the field, according to the chosen topic.

99talks' team after another tech meetup

The event lasts 99 minutes, of which 39 minutes is high-quality content from the speaker, and 60 minutes is live communication in a friendly atmosphere, exchange of impressions, knowledge, and experience with other participants and specialists.

Tickets can be purchased by registering in advance, as well as on the day of the event at the event site. A nice bonus is that the ticket price includes beer, beverage, water, coffee, or tea. All funds received from ticket sales are spent on the development of the local IT community.

We have already successfully conducted 4 events, where our developers were speakers, and the venue for tech meetups was the innovation center Promprylad.Renovation.

Events held:

  1. Laravel Vapor | Serverless made easy Speaker Igor Rebega – Full-stack developer, PHP, and Laravel guru.
  2. How to use channels and can Django die? Oleksander Rehush – Full-stack developer, Python, and Django Expert.
  3. Laravel | API documentation with Swagger Speaker Igor Rebega – Full-stack developer, PHP, and Laravel guru.
  4. What is the Ugly Android App and how to fight it? Speaker: Yuriy Yanovsky – Android Team Lead.

We still have a lot of interesting and informative tech meetups planned, so we are looking forward to the end of the lockdown to implement them. Follow our news, because it will be fun!

A little party never kills anybody

The mountains are calling and I must go! That is why we went hiking in the mountains to celebrate the summer corporate party. It was an incredible and unforgettable weekend in Guta. Barbecue, lobby area, various games, and an excursion to the former presidential residence.

bvblogic team in the former presidential residence in Guta

Also, nobody was left indifferent by our New Year party “Once upon a time in bvblogic”. We tried to organize everything on the highest level and take into account the wishes of the whole team, so we used the Design Thinking approach to plan everything perfectly. The theme of the evening was movies, respectively, the dress code and decor were also kept in this style.

The bvblogic team at the "Once upon a time in bvblogic" corporate New Year's Eve

The party space was divided into 4 zones: Chill Zone with calm music and board games, Game Zone with PlayStation consoles, Alco Zone – a bar with a variety of drinks and cocktails, and Hookah Zone with hookahs.  We had as much fun as we could, we had everything: dance competitions, DJs, and gifts from secret Santa. We also chose the best movie characters.

Winners of the contest for "Best Suit" of the evening
Party Photo Zone

bvblogic is love

We love our team very much, so on the morning of February 14th, we organized a festive breakfast. Hearts, croissants, marshmallows, and cocoa – the sweetest atmosphere.

Holiday breakfast at the office 14 February

But there was another little surprise: we took a photo of the team based on comics series and chewing gum Love Is. Then for the coolest photos of each participant, we picked up the right phrases.

Such a trifle, but how many positive emotions.

bvblogic is ...
love! Because here you can be carried on your hands!

bvblogic is ...
when you are in the seventh heaven of happiness!
bvblogic is ...
love! After all, you can be whoever you want!

bvblogic is ...
love! When you have everything solid!

Talk&Scotch Friday

Well, what about Talk & Scotch Friday? This is the official company event, which lasts 58 minutes and takes place twice a month, where we discuss the news, communicate, and enjoy whiskey.

For each event, we choose a theme and style, and when possible, we organize a picnic in the company’s green backyard. Everyone just adores and looks forward to Talk & Scotch Friday, because the atmosphere of relaxation reigns here.

Talk & Scotch Friday in the "Oktoberfest" style

IT Rally 2019 Valkyrie

We could not miss such a grandiose IT conference in our city. After a short reflection, we unanimously chose the topic: Work hard, chill harder. Work as rest is our main message.

We prepared a cool photo zone and put sun loungers where everyone could lie down and relax. And also incendiary music, palm trees, fruits, and cocktails.

"Work Hard, Chill Harder" by bvblogic

On Embroidery Day we supported the tradition and gladly wore embroidered clothes. Observing the lockdown conditions and keeping the social distance, we took a joint photo.

We support traditions on the Day of Embroidery in Ukraine

We still have many plans and even more ambitions. We are getting closer to our goals step by step, and incredibly talented people help us in this. Follow our news and join us in social networks, because there are still many amazing events ahead!

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