10 years. On the way to success

Recently one of the first IT companies founded in Ivano-Frankivsk [bvblogic] has celebrated its 10th birthday. During these ten years [bvblogic] has grown from a small group of people into an international company with three offices in Ukraine and representatives in different locations in Europe and USA. Now [bvblogic] is one of 500 TOP B2B service providers in Ukraine and Poland. It has its own product Navizor that is used in 37 countries; it organizes IT events in Western Ukraine and develops IT community in the region.

Where did the idea to create a company come from? What challenges did the company face during these 10 years? How to cope with all the challenges on the way to success? We asked CEO [bvblogic] Vitaliy Rodymiuk these questions.

Vitaliy, please tell us, how did it all start and how did the idea to create a new company appear?

At that time ten years ago the future co-founders of [bvblogic] had considerable experience in IT sphere, it was both technical and managerial experience. We had previously worked in different IT companies and it helped us to form our own vision of the company that had to become successful from our perspective. At some point, we decided to apply all our experience and knowledge and to establish our own company and to do all our best to bring it to success.

Thus, we made a decision to create an organization where creative and self-motivated people would be able to apply their talent and intelligence working on innovative projects.

Didn’t you have doubts? You were about to change your usual way of life building a new company from scratch

Probably, it won’t be right to say that it was a big change in our lives. We already had experience in management, and we knew all the processes and the specific features of the sphere very well. So, it was not really new to us. When you start your business and have a strong background it looks pretty easy. But what was really new, it was our approach to building the company. We did not want to imitate anybody, we had our own vision.

What challenges did you face in the process of developing your company? How did you cope with them?

It is hard to name some specific challenges connected with the process of developing the company. Each company faces different challenges all the time, at any stage of its development. And you have to overcome them. It is an integral part of business and it is normal. Some challenges are quite clear and you can easily solve them, while the others make you learn something new, change your approaches, sometimes you need to involve some experts from outside your company. You need to solve new issues all the time because the market is changing extremely dynamically, and new technologies appear. Generally, our sphere is one of the most dynamic in terms of how often new trends appear and, consequently, of the need to adapt to new circumstances. But, in my opinion, it does not matter in what sphere you work, and how great the state of your business is. You cannot afford to stop and calm down, even if it looks like everything is just perfect. You can only be successful when you constantly improve yourself.

Can you specify some particular stages of the company’s development? Where is [bvblogic] now?

I think each company passes through similar stages from birth to maturity and further. But for each company they take different period of time and can be characterized differently. I would say that [bvblogic] is now at the stage called Youth, we are ready to grow and develop, we aim to increase our productivity and become more and more successful through applying creative and innovative solutions.

What were the aim, mission, vision of the company ten years ago? Have they changed now?

A lot of things have changed through these years, but our mission, vision, aim, and objectives have not changed. Yet, in the beginning, our vision was quite general, while now it is more specific and looks like a plan, a set of steps. If I had to express our vision in one phrase, it would be ‘driven by innovation’.

Can you share some advice with all those people who consider starting their own business, but hesitate?

First, you should understand that when you start your own business it is going to occupy your thoughts 24/7. You have to be ready for that. But if you are passionate about your work, if it is your dream job, then it is not so bad as it looks. It is as if you were thinking all the time about something you love.

At the same time, you have to fight your fear that something can go wrong or some of your plans might just not work out. Of course, it will happen, there are no perfect companies in the world. But the most important thing is that if you work hard and diligently, you definitely get results. I like the approach ‘You can fail, but you cannot give up’. It is always better to try and not to succeed, than to do nothing because of fear.

Can you give some advice to those who already have their own business and want it to be successful?

One thing I am really sure about is that you should always put your client on the first place. Think of how can you help your clients, what benefits you can give them. If you think only about your profit – it will not work. Business should be built on the basis of understanding the client’s needs with an aim to solve their problems.

Besides that, it is extremely important to understand that a successful business can only be built by a successful team. Consequently, you should always pay much attention to your team. Only when you share a common vision, have the same goals, values, will they work in the right direction and achieve really significant results.

What is the key to success of a person in general, in your opinion?

Definitely, for me it is persistence. Even if you have a talent, you should work hard and be persistent, as if you did not have it at all.

I also like the theory of materialization of thoughts. I believe that every thought is material and causes real changes in our lives. Our thoughts shape our intentions, our intentions become real actions, our actions grow into our habits, and our habits become our principles in life. Here it is necessary to understand that not only good thoughts are material, but the bad ones are also. That is why it is destructive to concentrate on risks, doubts, fears, and failures. It is better to avoid that kind of thoughts.

Our principles and our persistence together determine the future of our business and our life.

What is special about [bvblogic]? How are you different?

We are the carriers of innovational things in the process of forming the team, as well as in the projects we work on. Our team members bring innovativeness into everything we do. We would like to think of it as of our distinguishing feature.

What is the main reason why you love your company?

The company itself is kind of abstraction. Probably, it would not be right to say that I love the company. People I work with are what I really love about [bvblogic], as well as our results and achievements, and also everything we are going to achieve in the future.\


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