2016. What it was like

New year 2017 is already in full swing, and now we have decided to remember 2016 and all those good things it brought us.

Last year we continued collecting great and happy moments. We were growing and developing, enriching our experience and sharing it with others; we were trying to make ourselves, our work, our company, our city and the world around us a bit better.


2016 was marked by new breakthroughs and even unexpected achievements for our flagship project Navizor. At the beginning of the year we signed a memorandum of cooperation with Dnipro Oblast State Administration and launched the pilot project “Inventory of Dnipro Oblast Roads”. Now it serves as a great example of successful cooperation between the government and IT sector on the basis of open data.


Navizor team participated in 15 public IT events, both Ukrainian and international, and one of these events was Open Data Hackathon in Lviv, where we were selected to become a resident of the first non-profit incubator of big and open data ‘Open Data Incubator 1991’ in Kyiv.


We were working selflessly and obstinately in a 24/7 mode during our incubation period. Eventually, after the successful presentation on the Demo-day, Navizor team was invited to participate in the four-month program in the incubator DMZ at Ryerson University in Canada. After that we plunged into the maelstrom of new experience, new contacts and development in the DMZ.


Meanwhile, our CEO Vitaliy Rodymiuk became the regional coordinator of incubator “1991 Ivano-Frankivsk”, which was successfully launched on the 26 of November. Previously, when we had been residents of ‘1991’ in Kyiv, the organizers had been planning the launch of regional offices, so we invited them to do it in Ivano-Frankivsk. They liked our idea, and our city became the first in Western Ukraine, where the incubator’s regional office was opened. Thus, Navizor’s participation in “1991” contributed to the process of the transformation of our city into a center of attraction for startups!


Being a part of an active group of people and companies who care about the development of our city and country is extremely important and valuable for our company. Traditionally, during the past year we participated in a variety of local and national IT events such as: Startup Crash Tests (a great opportunity for young active startups to present themselves and to improve their skills), we were involved in IT Rally and IT Rally Starters and other events.


[bvblogic] co-organized a major conference StartupCamp in Ivano-Frankivsk last summer. It was an outstanding event for our city, which gathered successful speakers and young promising startups from the whole country in one place.



\We had a great opportunity to work on the socially important project ‘Warm City’ in partnership with Google Company. The newly created platform Warm City is a project which integrates three key elements: society, business and city administration, and provides various options for their interaction for one common goal – constant city development.

We enriched our experience with a great number of new projects: we developed global marketplaces, complex navigation systems, different mobile applications, we were working on projects from various spheres: banking, stock exchange, logistics, healthcare, real estate, telecommunications, airline services and others.

As before, we continued to update, confirm and improve our skills and expertise, and our quarterly certification system was useful for us in monitoring our growth. And as a representative of the certification center Pearson VUE, which is a leader in computer-based testing for IT professionals worldwide, we certified 56 experts from different sectors.


To improve the quality of our work, we implemented advanced procedures: Continuous Integration, Code Review and automated software testing. We strive to work perfectly, and for this purpose we constantly work on search for and implementation of new better approaches to the organization of our work and communication with clients, we apply Customer Development, we aim to understand the clients’ needs, and work more efficiently.

Last year we developed our IT Consulting hugely. Every new client gets it for free, and we always find creative and effective solutions to provide consulting. This is a part of a comprehensive approach which we develop. Now we cooperate closely with clients from the initial stage of the project, when the idea is just being formulated.

We are always happy to see our international customers and partners in our office and try to make their stay here with us useful, productive, bright and memorable.


We believe that new ideas and thoughts always come out in the process of communication and sharing of experience. We are always happy to share our knowledge with everyone, so last year we trained interns, school and university students. We had a totally new experience dealing with the youngest generation – we organized a lecture devoted to the Hour of Code on HTML and CSS (with one simple practical project example) for little Montessori elementary school students, and we were amazed with how many positive emotions it can bring. Every time you teach someone, you learn something for yourself: some new things, approaches, you get an amazing feedback in exchange for what you give, and this feeling is incredibly cool!


Even CEOs are constantly studying 🙂 Last year [bvblogic] CEO Vitaliy Rodymiuk passed a course in KMBS, and after that our company became a member of Technology Companies’ Development Center (TCDC) based in Kyiv which aims to support hi-tech projects. We managed to become one of 40 companies from all over Ukraine, that will work together on common development and unite their efforts to create incredible innovations.

What is also really important for us is our environment. We love our nature, our mountains and this clean air, and we strive to keep it all safe and sustainable. We believe that every big good deal begins with a small step of each of us. So in 2016 we continued our ecological initiatives and created new environmental traditions: we collected waste paper and collected batteries for further recycling. We also continued the practice of planting new trees in the City Park and around the city lake within the initiative ‘Eco-code’. So, every new project will give a life to one new tree!


We have not given up on our old traditions. Together we climbed several mountains during the last year. We trained our brain participating in chess tournaments and different logical games.


We also started new traditions. We spent more time with our families and children all together, attending various events, master classes and engaging in different kinds of leisure activities. We spent a few evenings playing poker and mafia, or organizing traditional national events. Last autumn we took part in ‘IT Football Cup’ for the first time, it was a great opportunity to play with our colleagues from other IT companies. We had many warm mornings – Pancake Fridays, preparing breakfast together in our office and sharing the latest news, achievements and ideas – a wonderful tradition brought from Canada 🙂



We are not just a team – we are like a family. And our family has grown! 17 new people joined [bvblogic] in 2016.

So, we grow and develop, and we aim to become better and better to create impressive things for our customers! Let’s do IT together!


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