4 steps to Client relationship manager position. “Сoincidence or a fate gift?!”

IMG_9845Once upon a time my successful friend suggested me to try myself in the role of a Client relationship manager in the IT area. I refused, because for me IT has always been something “on the verge of fantasy”, especially sales, because things I don’t understand always become a barrier for me. And this barrier, as it turned out later, was the 5th step to disclose my potential. However, previous 4 steps were for accumulation of incredible experience from my favorite thing – communication with people (although, apparently, love, desire for communication, management skills were showing up since kindergarten):

1 step – Experience of communication in governmental institution (Regional administration). Maybe the widest circle of people of different professional ranks, of sociocultural, political, economic and others areas. It taught me strength, self-control, ability to prove myself and to uphold the image of management. As a result – adjusted communication – the key to strong long-term relationships.

Step 2 – Experience of communication in public organizations. This experience became the base for my ability to determine the citizens’ needs, to organize meetings with government and business representatives for solving various needs quickly and qualitatively.  In particular, participation in election programs made it possible to gain experience from the professionals. As a result – gained skills for quick solution of the problems, for understanding existing errands and carrying out all the tasks.

Step 3 – Experience of communication in hotel and restaurant business. It was a “school of survival”, a huge responsibility. As they say “super communicative skills”, because good communication is the factor that determines quality and timely provided products for the hotel (from food to the smallest details required).

Step 4 – Experience of communication with people from IT sphere. Closer to the dream. A unique opportunity to communicate with highly skilled representatives of IT-sphere, to spend some time among the IT people, to understand their needs, interests and lifestyle.

Step 5 – and here I am, at the company, where I fell in love with IT, changed my mind about the programmers for 360 degrees. And despite the fact that I always said “I would never work in the IT company … it’s not for me …” I am grateful to fate that brought me here, to the company, where it is like in a movie: friendly, active teams, professionals, getting pleasure from their work, creating successful and interesting projects. And I, along with [bvblogic] team, gain experience, and start loving what I do more and more.

Another vocation is to help people. I always recommend peopling the best things in which I am sure. Now, I am sure of the professionalism and high quality of work of my colleagues from [bvblogic], they are 100% given to their beloved work!

Quality, reliability and efficiency – these are the key moments in my work and in my life, and customer satisfaction with our services and their good feedback – is my inspiration!

So, just a few steps to the job of my dream, and I love what I do!



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