5 Reasons to Visit IT Meetup!


If you want to have continious growth in career, you should always remember that it is extremely necessary to go outside, to meet new people and to see the new trends on your market. Otherwise, you will just get oldschool and will not be able to catch up your competitors. Where to go? The easiest way is to visit some IT meetup or conference, as it can get really beneficial for you.

1. Networking
It seems to be the most obvious, as it is a place, where you can meet really a lot of new people, who can help you, who can introduce you to some interesting contacts, who can become your colleague or with whom you can just have interesting talk.

2. Interesting Speeches
To listen to someone, who has achieved a lot already, why not? Sharing experience is sharing great value, so don’t miss a chance to get it.

3. Sales
You cannot sell your services directly on the conference, but you can start building great relations with a new client, who will bring you great benefits in the future.

4. Inspiration
Looking at someone’s ideas is great motivator to try some new tools and techniques in your businees, don’t be afraid to use someone’s experience and to improve your business.

5. Fresh Air
And the last, but not the least, sometimes you just need to make a breath, to change your routine, and to get new power to start your new working day.

Having tried it by myself I realized that visiting various events like both local meetups and big international conferences has brought me not only bright memories, but a great variaty of new ideas and results.

For example, conferences like IDCEE have intensively increased my network of interesting contacts, with whom we are still doing busines.

Local startup events has taught me how to be ready to answer any unexpected question about your business, how to present yourself, and what is the most important – how to evaluate yourself and your service, how to uderstand your client and how to build your effective customer development strategy.

Startup safary, it sounds great and it is great, it is extremely interesting for me to visit various startup companies similiar and different to ours and to see how everuthing is going on behind that wall, to get into their life and to see what looks great and what should be fixed behind our wall.

What else to add, that on such events you can often find your own inspiror, who will help you move and show you the direction.

So, what will be the next meetup you will visit?

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