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Today we are already used to the fact that almost all business areas go online actively. And the speed of this process is really rapid. Of course, such process provides significant conveniences for clients and customers and creates additional opportunities for business development. This largely concerns the area of booking systems. For example, according to statistics, the growth of Internet travel booking revenue over the last 5 years is 73%. So today we would like to talk about one of our projects in the sphere of online booking and trip planning – Fei.ba.


The idea of the service development was to gather information from hundreds of different airline companies and to create an opportunity for a user to choose the best route of flight using the convenient search tools, this would help to fulfil some specific needs of each user, taking into account the available budget.

At the beginning of the project’s discussion it was clear that development of the system will not be simple and will need an engagement of the best [bvblogic] specialists for integration with existing systems of airline companies. So we engaged a solid team of Python developers, designers, HTML-coders, in our work we used the most effective technologies and frameworks, we created convenient and intuitive user interface. And, despite the complex technical architecture of the system, [bvblogic] developers managed to complete development of the most important stages that are a must for a successful release of this service.

Screenshot_5We can honestly say that the work over such complex projects as Fei.ba, requires a lot of experience, professionalism, and knowledge, besides – tight communication with the client and developers. Important is the team is to be focused on the end-result of the project and could find correct technical solutions. Yes, it’s not easy, but at the same time, the more difficult is the task we set for ourselves, the more pleasure we get from its’ completion. It unites us and helps us to enrich our experience and to grow and develop more and more.

Today Fei.ba service claims on becoming one of the best on the market for planning and on-line booking of air trips in the Asian region.


If you enjoy this solution, please contact us, and we will gladly give you a free consulting.

Let’s implement great projects together!

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