A Service Even For The Most Demanding Users

Today we are going to talk about one more interesting solution of our [bvblogic] team. This time, we worked in real estate sphere, creating a unique service for our customer, immozo.be – the leader on the market for online services in Belgium.

The core development idea was not to create one more database with real estate objects but to offer a service with the complex search engine which will be working with social criteria factor to propose the best options to the users.

Realizing the huge importance for the user of the variety of different factors in the process of real estate searching, we aimed to create kind of online realtor, who would help you find exactly what you need in a few clicks.


Our goal was to create a search algorithm, which would be different from other similar services, that would create benefits and conveniences for the user, and, accordingly, it could maximize the number of visitors of our clients’ web-site. We managed to develop quite an interesting search engine. The list of criteria is really wide – the presence of educational and  medical institutions, workplaces, transport infrastructure, availability of shopping, sporting and entertainment venues and more. The user can specify the importance of these criteria in percentage and even the most demanding users are able to find accommodation according to their preferences and needs. This possibility of criteria ranking according to their priority became the unique feature and advantage of this site.

2To provide all those things, we engaged  the best technical advisers and PHP developers of [bvblogic] company, we worked out a flexible architecture for databases and implemented the effective search engine. Our designers have created a pleasant, user-friendly design. In the development process, we applied the latest and the most effective technologies.

Screenshot_2Besides, we made integration with social networks, payment systems, and other Belgian services. We have also integrated the map, where one can select the region.

Immozo.be is now rapidly gaining the online market for lodging search in Belgium. Due to convenient, clear UI and unique search algorithm for choosing the most appropriate lodgings for the most fastidious clients, the service claims on becoming the leader in its segment.


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