Agricultural Innovations You Should Know About. Example of Israel

Today we are talking about revolutionary technologies that have totally transformed the agricultural sphere in recent years. Innovations are spreading at a tremendous speed. But what exactly do global technologies offer to farmers?


It goes without saying that without innovations your business cannot succeed. In this article, I would like to share six main trends which may help you in your agricultural business, on the basis of the example of Israeli companies.

Drip irrigation.

Yes, it is a well-known fact that Israel has desert areas and some time ago it was hardly possible to grow vegetables and fruits on dry and arid fields. But technologies have changed everything. Nowadays, even the most unbelievable crops can grow in a dessert. How can it be possible? With the help of modern drip irrigation systems all crops are watered exactly on their roots in order to save every drop of water and use it strictly where it is needed. This system can irrigate from above the soil surface or from under the ground. No more crop losses!



Do you think it is possible to trace the condition and health of each plant with the use of your smartphone? Sounds a bit fantastic, doesn’t it? But modern mobile applications that work on the basis of data science with the elements of artificial intelligence are able to identify plant diseases. Take your smartphone (or tablet) with a mobile application installed, scan a damaged or sick leaf of corn, for example. Through the technology of OCR and the analysis of previous experience, this app can immediately identify what particular disease the corn suffers from. It gives you an opportunity to make immediate managerial decisions to cure this plant. And you avoid the human factor in this process, and you also save time, money and effort.


Have you ever seen fish in a desert?

If you think that you should go to another planet to see it, you are wrong, you just can go to Israel. This is a unique chance to see how it works. This option is called aquaculture, and it enables you to grow several species of aquarium fish: the system pumps soil water from the deep subsoil and fills in a pool with water. It is a very popular way to grow shrimps, for example, which Israel exports to other countries. In addition to this, you are able to gather, control and analyze all information you need: spawning, water temperature, salinity, species. It’s not a problem anymore!


Reduce energy consumption.

Monitor your energy consumption with the help of a cost-effective lighting system. Set a time that best suits the plants. This system works strictly according to the schedule you set. Some plants need more light during the day, while others need less. Smart technology solutions enable you to increase the productivity of each plant and save energy at the same time.


Take care of each plant!

Do you know where exactly you need to plant a seed, or can you identify problem areas of your fields? Today these and many more issues are solved with the use of drones. They monitor fields, take pictures, the system recognizes the photos and determines areas that suffer from parasites or disease. And you can instantly solve this problem. You can send an agriculturist to a particular area of your field, so he would do the required treatment or use pesticides in each particular case. This approach helps to save money and time of your company, to prevent losses of plants, to make your product more environmental and clean, because you use chemical substances strictly when it is really necessary.


Data Science for your field.

How can Data Science help you to manage crops? From the seed genetics to environmental conditions – you can analyze everything that affects agricultural production. Data science offers a huge potential for farmers: the sooner you see the real plant conditions, the sooner you are able to cope with a problem.

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