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Today every successful company that strives to take a serious position on the market and gain the loyalty of the clients is constantly working on forming their competitive advantages, as well as on becoming different from others by creating certain special features and offering additional benefits to the customer of the product. Giving the consumer not only the service which she/he needs, but something more than is expected, some additional opportunity or bonus is an important strategy from which both the client and the company benefit.

So we would like to speak about one of the projects we were working on – AnyMiles. This is an interesting and unique service that allows bank customers to accumulate points for the use of services, and to get a possibility for the subsequent conversion of received points into award miles of airline companies that are the members of the loyalty program. Accordingly, when customers use the service of the airlines involved in loyalty programs, their travel can become much cheaper.


As of now, we can name the following companies participating in the program: Finn air, air Baltic, Air Astana, Czech Airlines, Wizz Air, Airberlin, Ural Airlines. Undoubtedly, the list is going to expand with new participants with the development of the service.

anymiles_small1_4Of course, this project was not easy, because it required a large amount of work with huge databases of both banks and airlines. Each user had to get a reliable personal cabinet, which would provide the necessary functionality for the collection of points and their conversion, as well as retain information about all transactions. Moreover, it was extremely important to ensure total security of all personal data of each user.

Screenshot_1So our designers and HTML-coders developed a clear, comfortable and user-friendly interface, and programmers took care of all the functionality.

Our PHP team chose Zend Framework to provide all the necessary characteristics for this project. This framework has many important advantages. It contains a wide array of ready elements, and it really helps to speed up the work on the project. It is easy to write a structured, clear and understandable code in it. This is especially useful in the development of large-scale projects, when a rather big team is involved, because using this framework makes the work more organized and coordinated. It also allows expanding the team anytime, adding a new developer, who would easily be able to understand the logic of the entire code. It is also important for the future maintenance of the code, when the need to modify or scale the project might appear.

zf-heroZend Framework is object-oriented, it gives an opportunity to reuse some code parts when there is a need to solve a problem, similar to the problems which have already been solved before. The openness of the code and a huge active community contribute to permanent enrichment and improvement of this framework.

As a result of the successfully chosen technologies and coordinated work of our team, we managed to accomplish the project in time.

So, this was another great project, another contribution to the enrichment of our experience!


We are always happy to solve difficult tasks, we are ready to accept any challenge! Each complex project makes our team even more professional, and, of course, brings more satisfaction from our work.

If you like our work, please contact us without hesitation, we will gladly provide you with our free consulting, discuss your ideas and suggest the best solution!

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