[bvblogic] at Global Hackathon on Sharing Economy in Warsaw

560 participants, 53 countries: Poland, Finland, Germany, Ukraine, France, Italy, Spain, the UK, India, the USA, China, and even Brazil! Mercari Euro Hack 2018 in Poland saw a real explosion of technological talents on October 20-21. The largest Hackathon in Europe on sharing economy has united talented teams of developers, designers, and other creative and progressive people. Ukrainian IT company from Ivano-Frankivsk, [bvblogic], is proud to have participated in it. Our developers and managers shared their insights and impressions of this event.

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“This event was organized by Mercari – the largest C2C marketplace in Japan. This is something like eBay or Amazon, but the main goal of this marketplace is to make the process of selling as easy as the process of buying. It means that the seller should be able to place his/her product on the platform just in a few clicks. The company has recently opened a new office in Boston and is now looking for talents to help them generate and implement innovative technological ideas,” – says Andriy Khomyn, Business Analyst of [bvblogic] – “It all started when we saw information about the Hackathon and were determined to participate. At the first stage, it was necessary to come up with an interesting idea and to pass a technical test. Our team of programmers successfully coped with the task, and received a very high score – we were among the top 3% of all contestants. Ultimately, we became one of the 27 best teams from 12 countries from around the globe, and we were invited to Warsaw to take part in the main Hackathon event. So we went to Poland.


At the Hackathon, there were representatives from Japanese and American offices of Mercari, and quite a large board of the technical jury: they told us everything about the organization and the procedures of the Hackathon, and also about the results that they expected to receive from us within the next 24 hours.

It was not our first Hackathon, but it was a bit different from all the previous events, because we had to solve all the tasks very quickly. Usually, when you attend such events, you have a couple of days. You can think over your idea during the first day, write the code during the second day, and prepare your presentation on the third day. But here we had to do it all simultaneously in order to present a finished solution within 24 hours. ”


“This Hackathon was very technical, and in our opinion, it was not focused on the ideas as much as on their high technological implementation. From the very beginning our idea was interesting to a great extent by its content, but then we realized that we still need to add more technological components to it, use some more interesting tools in order to meet all the requirements of the jury. That is why we had to completely change our product almost at the last moment,”– says Igor Rebega, [bvblogic] developer. He also told us about the solution itself, “Our idea was to make the product rating process in an online shop more natural and innovative. How it usually works: you buy a product in an online store, and when you get it, you have an opportunity to rate it in points or stars. We have developed a system that uses the front camera of your device to determine your emotions. We scan the face and use the technology of image recognition to detect whether you are joyful or sad. We have divided a range of ratings into 5 different emotions from entirely unsatisfied to completely happy. Additionally, the system then sorts all the products on the page, displaying the products with the most positive emotions at the top.”


Joseph Mykhailiv, [bvblogic] developer, has also shared his impressions with us: “This Hackathon was organized on a very high level. We were provided with all the conditions for efficient work, and all we had to do was just come, offer a solution, implement it, and present it, and we coped with it successfully. I was always sure, and now I am even more confident, that even if you are an expert in some particular technology, there are always so many ways for growth and development in front of you, and you must consider all opportunities and develop yourself. It was cool to work with people from different countries of the world. This was a huge and exciting experience!”.


Oleg Grynkiv, [bvblogic] team lead, concludes: “It was great to work in the context of Mercari corporate culture, they are open and interesting people, and extremely organized. For instance, if you have some meeting arranged, it is inadmissible for them to be late or deviate from a certain schedule. It was very interesting to visit the mentoring sessions. Mentors were always ready to help and recommend interesting solutions and ways to improve our product. And we once again saw that such technologies as artificial intelligence, machine learning – are at the peak of popularity.
We are grateful to our colleagues from [bvblogic] for this amazing opportunity to attend this event, demonstrate our potential, learn a lot of new information. By the way, we strongly felt your support there!”.

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