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The demand for chatbots in different types of businesses is growing exponentially. Thanks to this tool it’s possible to stay in touch with customers around the clock. Our team also used this communication instrument to solve different kinds of business tasks.

[bvblogic] bot

The idea to create a Telegram bot appeared during the preparations for one of the largest IT events in Western Ukraine in 2018, IT Rally. It was called [bvblogic] bot and the main aim was to involve participants of this event in the virtual cryptocurrency mining. They had a chance to experience this process on their own. As in the real crypto market, the exchange value of coins was changing during the day. The users were getting BVBcoins after completing tasks that appeared in the Telegram bot. Later they could exchange the mined currency for prizes.

In this way, the chatbot was used as a special tool to communicate with other participants of the event and, at the same time, let them experience virtual coin mining.

You have a chance to get acquainted with this case study by clicking here

[bvblogic] bot main logo

Challenges bot

During the 11 years of creating innovative solutions for the clients, our team figured out that sometimes different types of businesses face various challenges. To help them in solving them, we decided to create a platform where company owners could post these challenges. Moreover, creative thinkers have a great opportunity to suggest their ideas. The most suitable solutions are chosen and rewarded.

This platform was developed as a Telegram chatbot, which also has the name – Kristi. After signing up here, users get a list of challenges. They click on the preferred one and get such options as:

– ask a question to get additional information;

– suggest a solution;

– review terms of use;

– go back to the main menu.

Kristi bot helps the respective business owners and organizations to find the best solution for the current challenge. At the same time, she gives a chance for creative and proactive people to try their best in thinking outside the box and helping companies in implementing innovative solutions.

You can review the Challenges bot case study here.

bvblogic Challenges

TechCarrot Hub bot

TechCarrot Hub is a community of IT and digital companies, whose partnership is based on increasing business opportunities and finding the best IT experts for each and every need. The number of current hub members is more than 180 companies and it is increasing every day. It was important to create an efficient and convenient communication tool, and Telegram chatbot satisfied these criteria perfectly.

When a hub participant is looking through candidates’ CV for the projects, he/she clicks on the needed technology button. Every company has a specific list of technologies, so when there is a relevant request for it, users get notifications. They reply to the inquiries, e.g. seen or not; interested or not; CV attached, etc. It’s also possible to add new technologies or change the existing ones at any moment, so this information will be up to date for other users.

Our team created a chatbot formula for this complex project to make communication between TechCarrot Hub members simple and convenient. And TechCarrot Hub bot case study is available on our website

TechCarrotHUB main logo.png

Consequently, the bvblogic team used chatbots for the implementation of projects with different business tasks. The main aim of each was the creation of the simplest and the most convenient 24/7 tool for communication with and between users. We implemented these solutions in our own work and now we are confident that chatbot works perfectly for such purposes.

And have you considered introducing chatbot to your business to make it more innovative and efficient?

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