bvblogic Is Excited About 5-Star Reviews!

In this modern digital landscape, it isn’t enough to just have a website. You need to have an amazing website – one that truly creates a unique and dynamic user experience.

When you hire a web developer, you’re trusting them to create an online platform that will amplify your company’s unique voice and perspective to consumers, all while making the investment worth your money. That’s no easy feat. So, how do you know you’re hiring the right developer?

Here at bvblogic, we know we’re the perfect web and mobile developers for the job. And luckily, we’ve got the ratings to back it up! We are featured on Clutch, ratings, and reviews B2B platform, as one of the top Ukrainian web and software developers.

On Clutch, we recently received a 5-star rating from one of our former clients, Enjovia, a vouchers and gift certificates sales platform. Our team developed a newer version of the platform for Enjovia. Using PHP on the backend and JavaScript and Bootstrap on the frontend, we completely redesigned and developed Enjovia’s outdated website.

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Thanks to our updates, our client experienced a 40% increase in sales!

“There were plenty of times in the middle of the night where we’d send a Slack message, and they got back to us as soon as possible, regardless of the time difference.” – Director of Infrastructure, Enjovia

Earlier this year, we received another fantastic review from another client. We worked with a marketing agency to expand its online automation platform to include various functionalities such as report management and employee management. Furthermore, bvblogic provides ongoing technical support to ensure this project is running smoothly at all times.

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“Advanced functionality will attract new customers, and high-quality technical support ensures a stable user experience.” – Product Expert, Marketing Agency

bvblogic is thankful for all the dedicated clients who choose us for their projects – without all of you, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do best! Additionally, we are grateful for everyone who took the time to review us on Clutch. These reviews only help us improve!

Our head of PR has some words he would love to share with the bvblogic community:

“We are committed to long-term trustworthy and friendly relationships with our clients and partners. We always deliver our services and innovative business solutions very professionally, and the biggest reward we can get is a trusted review from our client.” – Nazarii Nazaruk, Head of PR

To find out more, check out our profile on Clutch or The Manifest, Clutch’s sister site and a guide to B2B services. We can also be found on Visual Objects, a visual showcase platform for agencies like ours.

Contact us for your next project – we’ll bring your ideas to life!

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