Challenges in Business: What to Do If You Don’t Know How to Act? Bvblogic’s Experience

Successful completion of the Challenge is one of the most important conditions for sustainable business development. However, sometimes companies do not know exactly where to get new ideas, even when they have a big qualified team.

This is often the case because internal experts look at the situation from a conventional point of view. Therefore, very often effective solutions are on the surface, but still remain undetected.

That’s why we at bvblogic thought about how we can help to solve this problem efficiently and effectively, and most importantly – quickly. In this post, I will tell you how we managed to find such a solution.

Where to look for new ideas for your business

Realizing that our customers – large and small companies alike – are increasingly in need of innovation, fresh insight, but cannot do it on their own, we have set ourselves the goal of creating a platform that would help us and other companies find innovative ideas in real time.

As participants and organizers of events for students, startup owners, IT environment, etc., we saw that among the visitors of these events there are a lot of interesting and talented people with extraordinary thinking, creative ideas.

However, in real life, this group of people does not cross paths with existing business owners, and they have no opportunity to benefit from each other. That’s how we came up with the idea to create a crowdsourcing platform bvblogic challenges, where we bring together business and initiative people to solve different business challenges.

Why crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing (or “collective mind”) is the involvement of human expertise and talent to jointly solve certain problems or implement projects. With the help of this idea generation method, it is possible to increase business productivity, improve the quality of work performance without investing a lot of money. What it gives:

  • A fresh perspective. The participation of a large number of diverse experts provides an analysis of the problem and a comprehensive evaluation to solve it.     
  • Ideas “from the customer”. Through crowdsourcing, you can practically get feedback from ordinary users who may be potential consumers of your product or service. This enables you to better understand their needs and get firsthand recommendations.     
  • Motivation. Challenge participants are motivated to generate new ideas as it is a chance for them to get involved in large projects and interesting tasks, meet company executives, or even find a new job (such cases with bvblogic challenges also happen).     
  • Opportunity. For companies, such cooperation is beneficial because it is a good opportunity to involve both core and non-core business professionals “from the outside”, who may also become a part of the team in the future.     

The most important advantage in this approach, in my opinion, is the greatest variety and variability of approaches that crowdsourcing provides.

Companies and challenges can be quite different, moreover, participants can have different experience, position and field of activity. This variety is quite valuable because in this way companies receive ideas not just from standard consultants, but from people who are potential clients, partners, and employees for this or that company.

Anyone who likes to challenge themselves, who likes to analyze and look for new approaches, ideas to solve different kinds of business cases can solve business problems.

Bvblogic challenges: how it all works

Bvblogic challenges can be useful in completely different areas of business: sales, marketing, finance, recruiting and motivation of employees, business process automation, etc. The company sets business objectives, and platform participants solve them.

Individual entrepreneurs, startups, small and medium businesses, international brands, incubators, platforms, and even government agencies or universities can submit challenges. Thus, with the help of bvblogic challenges, some companies have already managed to increase sales efficiency in e-commerce, automate recruitment, and much more (see bvblogic challenges page for more details).

What businesses get:

  • A set of selected innovative ideas that can be implemented independently with your team or with the involvement of the authors of ideas.     
  • Expert analysis and professional advice from business analysts, industry specialists.     
  • A ready-to-install solution or a prototype solution with in-depth research and understanding of the needs of your business, your clients.     

With bvblogic challenges, we also strive to make a positive contribution to the Ukrainian business environment and to develop business thinking for a wider range of people.

How to work with bvblogic challenges

  1. Setting the problem. You describe the situation in your business, our analysts help to highlight the important points that require additional attention from platform participants and formulate business objectives.
  2. Publication of the challenge in a chatbot. We are hosting a challenge in our Kristi Telegram Bot, which already has over 1000 participants.
  3. Collection of ideas. Participants in the telegram channel offer their ideas for the solution to your challenge. Ideas are collected within a period of time determined in advance.
  4. Highlighting the best ideas. After the period during which the ideas have been gathered, they are carefully selected by our expert jury on the basis of such criteria as progressiveness, technical feasibility, the complexity of implementation, usefulness, influence, and scalability.
  5. Selection of the best idea. Our team submits the most successful ideas to you, and you choose the one that is best for the company. If the idea or its component is related to software development, we are ready to provide all necessary consultations.
  6. Awarding the winners. The author of an idea that has been selected as the best gets a gift or a financial reward for successfully completing the challenge.

In this way, the author will be motivated and prepared to solve other tasks from you. You, in turn, can offer the winner cooperation or implement innovations on your own.

If you need more details on how to use this tool, you can follow this link on YouTube, where I’m explaining it.

Join us!


Bvblogic challenges is a platform where creative idea generators and business owners can become useful to each other. On the one hand, it helps professionals from different fields to realize themselves in working on interesting projects, and on the other hand, it gives businesses an opportunity to develop dynamically with the help of the collective mind.

To see how the challenges of different companies are solved in real time, use our chat-bot. It is in the Kristi Telegram bot hosts various challenges that require an external innovation department. Kristi has already been joined by 1000+ members, and they are ready to offer ideas for your business. Join us!

Andriy Khomyn, CMO bvblogic

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