Choosing E-commerce Software for Scandinavian Countries

In recent years, picking the right e-commerce solution can be the only determinant between success and failure. This applies to business owners targeting the Nordic markets too. 

Understanding the main pain points of starting or running your online business should always be your priority. Once you have done so, you will easily know where to look to find the right solutions. We will look at some of the best solutions and how they will affect your business.

What You Need to Achieve

If you are currently running an online business your main goal is probably to reduce your operational costs. To do this, you have to invest in effective but affordable solutions most of which are either web and mobile apps. The success of your business will depend on how well you implement the following:

  • Marketing solutions,
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM),
  • Data Storage,
  • Business Intelligence,
  • Human Resource management software,
  • Group-ware system,
  • Network information system (NIS).

Many online businesses usually ran into trouble due to failure to do well in one of the departments described above. For example, problems with data storage can have negative effects on the growth and development of a business. This was supported by research done by Gartner which stated that on average, companies that have poor data storing solutions usually lose up to $9.7 million per annum. This just shows how a seemingly small feature of e-commerce could affect the advancement of a company.

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How to Implement Better Solutions to Your E-commerce Franchise

Sometimes it can be difficult to identify a problem in your e-commerce business. In such a situation, getting a consultation from an expert is definitely the first step to take. An individual will be able to analyze the structure of your business and identify the solutions you have to put in place to get better results.

Getting your solutions from the right provider should be a top priority. It is advisable to look for companies that provide both the mobile app and web development solutions. These two encompass everything that you will need to run in your e-commerce business smoothly. Let’s look at other points to keep in mind.

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Implementing Web-Oriented Solutions

The main goal here is to improve communication and amp up efficiency. Looking for the right solutions to do this is important, especially when you consider the fact that Scandinavia has an ever-growing number of online consumers.

For instance, the total number of online consumers in Sweden alone is expected to spend about 16.86 billion euros in 2019. To take a good chunk of this market, your business has to have the full capacity to work well for you and your customers.

One of the best examples of a good webs oriented solution is PHP technology. This technology is rapidly evolving and having an up to date version will ensure the following:

  • Any project will be quickly realized
  • All business operations are well organized
  • Easier to come up with a definitive budget

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Mobile App Solutions

Mobile applications make a huge portion of e-commerce. The number of smartphone users last year for Sweden was 8.45 million out of a population of about 10 million. It is also important to mention that Denmark had the highest smartphone penetration rate in the world in 2017 and still holds this position as of 2019 with a user penetration of 82.1% This means that mobile app development should be a top priority if you want to take advantage of the online market here. As well, IOS and Android are the leading operating systems today every mobile app solution should be tailored to support both Operations Systems.

Online Store Design

Just like brick-and-mortar shops, the appeal of an online store increases if it is designed by the best. Currently, the best tools for website design include:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Invisio
  • Sketch
  • Figma

The above software and apps have been improved over the years to perfect web design. It doesn’t matter if you already have an established website for the Nordic target audience. Your current difficulties may be centered around design peculiarities and having them fixed by an expert can make a huge difference. Always remember that sometimes the main problem isn’t the idea but its execution.


Expert Advice on Software Features and Cost

Although this does not directly qualify a software solution, it might still play a huge role in the growth of your Nordic business. It may be difficult to always stay abreast of the world of technology. Certain tools, features, and practices that might be effective one day can easily become outdated the next. If you want to prevent being left-back by the crowd it is wise to also invest in expert guidance.

Having a team of specialists who are prepared to give you the consultation you need at any moment’s notice is a tool to have in your arsenal. The team can also estimate the software cost and outline factors that will determine the price.  If you want a better way to navigate through the world of new technologies and IT specialist will help you find a solution and work well for you.

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Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the best software to implement into your Nordic online business, you have to find the right supplier. The fact is there are probably multiple companies who claim to provide the best software solutions, however, getting a specialized service is never guaranteed.

That is why bvblogic is dedicated to getting you the results you are looking for. Our team of specialists can easily identify what solution will work for you and how best to implement it. It is time to get the best out of e-commerce in Scandinavia. What is your move?

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