Cloud Solution Development. One Great Example

Nowadays it is hard to imagine our everyday activities without different cloud solutions. Our life is so fast and dynamic, that we need to have access to our documentation anywhere and at any time. We need to have an opportunity to share our work with our colleagues, it makes our collaboration more efficient. Sending documents through e-mail, storing information on memory sticks, resaving all changes in your document every few minutes – all of these inconveniences are now becoming things of the past.

Cloud solutions are gaining more and more popularity with each subsequent year. They are around us, even if we do not notice them. According to surveys, 95% of respondents are using cloud nowadays. So, cloud solutions development has become a really popular area of work for IT companies.

[bvblogic] team has considerable experience in the development of cloud solutions. A great example of our work in this sphere is WebFile, Internet service for file storage which also helps to share different information with your friends, colleagues and acquaintances fast and easily.


We had a list of rather difficult tasks during our work on this project. We aimed to create as many advantages for the user as it was possible and to do it perfectly.

What we managed to create and achieve in this project:

  • convenient possibility for the user to store and share his/her files
  • unlimited access for the user to his/her files from anywhere at any time
  • high speed of uploading and downloading files and service performance
  • high level of user’s personal data security and privacy
  • simple and clear interface with a straightforward visual construction without advertisements etc.
  • implementation of the system of different access levels (without registration, standard and premium) for different types of users depending on their needs
  • scanning function for checking files safety and copyright


How we did that:

Screenshot_1We involved our experienced designers and HTML coders in the creation of a clear and user-friendly interface. Our highly qualified PHP programmers took care of all the functions and proper performance. They used framework Kohana in their work. Kohana is a framework that provides a rich set of components to build web applications. This framework has a lot of advantages, such as its fast work, clear structure, good debugging tools, great community and constant development due to its openness.
As a result of our coordinated, dedicated and creative work, our client got an efficient service with all the needed characteristics in time.

We believe, that any company can greatly benefit from cloud solutions, and we know how to create services of various complexity and diverse functionality – from company’s CRMs to global services. Contact us, and we will happily discuss all your ideas and provide you with free qualified consulting! We will offer the best solutions for your success!

If you are looking for creativity, new ideas, and inspiration for their implementation – Andriy is the right person for you. His innate marketing talent in combination with his constant aspiration to keep updated on the most modern trends in work made Andriy a person for whom no issue is unsolvable.

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