Does Your Company Need a Web-site? Your Own Creation vs Professional Team

laptop-926775_960_720According to surveys, 6 out of 10 companies today do not have their own web-site yet. Undoubtedly, we live in the age of information technologies, but still we can see a lot of organizations which consider having a profile in the social network sufficient to be successful, or they may not even think about their online presence as something important.

But the truth is that the web-site of the company is the very fact which proves your serious professional attitude to the job. The complexity of your web-site does not really matter. It even can be a simple landing page.

According to the same surveys, 83% of business owners who already run a website feel they have a competitive advantage over those without one. But more than a half of companies without a web-site intend to get their business online within the next two years. Accordingly, all the other companies would risk becoming unable to compete with them. It does not sound like a lucrative option to become one of those companies, does it?

Here we have just a few advantages of having your own web-site:imprint-418593_960_720

  • It is one whole center where all the information about your company would be kept. It is the place where all your potential customers would be gathered by your different marketing activities. It is the thing without which all your marketing steps would have less sense and effectiveness;
  • You can update all the information about your business in a real time mode, this is a big advantage comparing with a lot of other marketing instruments;
  • Creation of your own ‘online presence’, without which you could become somewhat abstract to your potential customers;
  • Creation of a great image for your company: you are serious, you can be trusted, you are easy to find, you are easy to contact. Actually, this is a very important psychological factor for the user;
  • It is your day-and-night around-the-world seller. It is not a secret that people nowadays spend a huge amount of time online, they look for goods and services to fulfill their needs online too. While you sleep, somebody on the other side of our planet could be looking for your products or services. Qualified and proper site building will make your website highly ranked in search engines and would help you to get more customers from different locations;
  • It is a source for gathering contact data of your visitors for its future use.

So, if you decide to create a web-site for your business there will be two ways for you: build it by yourself or hire a professional team. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let us learn more about them.

Web-site creation by yourself

webdesign-583193_960_720For sure, the most important advantage in this case is low costs. But if you think about it more carefully you may have some second thoughts. Apparently, web-site building is not your major activity and you will feel lack of experience, knowledge, expertise and skills. So, obviously, you will need to learn. It is not a secret that all high-quality IT courses are quite expensive nowadays, in addition to this, a huge amount of your time and resources will have to be devoted to this. You could better spend these resources doing what your main activity is.

Yet, you can find an easier way. Today there are a lot of services that provide you with an opportunity to create your web-site very easily and fast (the so-called web-site builders).


  • an opportunity to create your web-site very fast and easily;
  • it does not demand any special knowledge;
  • it is free or very cheap.


  • impossibility of customization, limited functionality, lack of individuality;
  • limited, ‘poor’ and unprofessional design;
  • potential problems with site performance;
  • very limited control, direct dependence on a third party. The company which gives you an opportunity of free site building can change the conditions anytime, the service can become paid or closed. In this case you will lose all the customers you have already gained;
  • in most cases your web-site will be placed on the sub-domain of that service, so the address of your web-site will include the address of the web-site-builder. Consequently, your web-address will be long and inconvenient, your user will never remember it, it will be difficult to include on your business cards, and your customers will at once see that your web-site has not been professionally created.wordpress-1288020_960_720

Although, there is another way out, so you can avoid those shortcomings by using a CMS (ex. WordPress, Joomla!). CMS is a sort of constructor, which gives an opportunity to build your web-site using different available parts or details. This process usually does not demand much specialized knowledge and has a lot of other advantages.


  • it is free or very cheap;
  • the process of development is fast enough;
  • it provides you with a wide functionality;
  • if you choose a popular CMS it will be very easy to find any recommendations for its use and different functional modules.


  • despite good customization opportunities your will still have a web-site looking like thousands of others;
  • the CMS functionality may appear to be not suitable enough for your specific needs. This will create a need to go deep into the code and make your own corrections, and that will not be an easy task;
  • CMS can give you extra functionality which may slow down the performance speed of your web-site;
  • since CMS code is an open source, the security problem of all websites based on it might be an issue.

code-1076536_960_720Still, it would be better to have technical knowledge and skills and some experience to choose the right CMS according to your specific goals and to do all the work correctly. Qualified professionals can build great web-sites on the basis of CMS including their own fragments of code to make everything looks just like you need. It can be the best choice for you.

In general, there are a number of factors you should consider while making the choice of how to build your web-site:

  • type of business and activity;
  • what kind of information you want to give to your visitors (the type of main content)
  • your main goal and targets;
  • available budget;
  • if you prefer any technologies, which specifically;
  • what is important for you in its design, and many others.

It would be just perfect to contact a qualified company, which would communicate with you, consider all the factors listed above and help you to make an ideal

A great example is [bvblogic] company, which gives 2 hours of free consulting for all new customers and will gladly communicate with you, give you professional recommendations and help you to make the most effective business and marketing decisions using their considerable experience in this field.

puzzle-1705364_960_720Just think for a moment that the development process of every high-quality project always should pass through certain stages, starting from technical specification and prototyping, then design and HTML-coding, front-end and back-end development, and after that testing for a perfect quality assurance. It does not look like a job for one person, does it? There are whole departments and teams which do all this work. They know how to create perfect solutions.

So, here are some advantages of cooperation with a professional team:

  • You will get a qualified consultation. You can have some ideas and thoughts on your project, but from the professional point of view they may seem to be not good enough. So, a team of professionals will give you the best recommendations;
  • Full customization;
  • High performance speed;
  • Absolutely unique design. Moreover, we will ensure its flexibility so that it looks perfect on different types of devices;
  • Providing your project with a possibility to scale in the future, because you are certainly going to grow and develop;
  • Creation of convenient possibilities of web-site administration for you;
  • Cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility;
  • Simplicity and convenience for the user. We have a large experience, we know how to think as a user and how to build a user-oriented web-site to make your visitors become your regular customers;
  • You can concentrate on your major activity, confidently leaving the web-site building task for professionals.

[bvblogic] company has a lot of experience in building web-sites of different kinds, various complexity and scales. You can learn about our projects here. We use a wide variety of technologies, tools, frameworks, we follow all modern web innovations to create the most effective and high-quality solutions.

bvb_bvblogic_client_presentation_Slide_5We hope that you have found some interesting information here which will help you to make a perfect decision to raise your business to a brand-new level!

So, wishing you a great web-site!

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