How a Telegram Bot Helped Us Create Our Own Cryptocurrency Within the Region’s Largest IT Event

One of the greatest IT events in Western Ukraine, IT Rally traditionally took place in Ivano-Frankivsk this spring again. Every year, this event gathers the largest regional IT companies in one single place together with all those people who are interested in IT. Each company aims to present itself creatively and impressively. IT Rally gains more and more visitors with each subsequent year, and this year the number of registered people exceeded 1000.


[bvblogic] has been a regular participant of IT Rally for several years. This year we wanted to organize something unusual, and we created a prototype of our own cryptocurrency – BVBcoin. Visitors had an opportunity to mine our coins and buy (exchange them for) various gifts from [bvblogic]. We developed a Telegram Bot to implement this idea into life.

Cryptocurrency is a buzzword nowadays, and practically everyone discusses it. But not everyone can understand how the cryptomarket works. So, we decided to create a model of cryptocurrency market giving the visitors an opportunity to try themselves in the role of miners. To get our coins the visitors had to complete various tasks they received through our Telegram bot. Each completed task was evaluated in points which were equal to a certain amount of BVBcoins. We created a special formula according to which the exchange rate of BVBcoin was changing during the day, similarly to the real market conditions. The more points we distributed, the more expensive BVBcoin was becoming. At the beginning of the day, the rate of BVBcoin to the points was 1 to 10, and by the end of the day this rate was 1 to 28. In general, we distributed 18,440 points. Such results were unpredictable, the situation was constantly changing naturally, like on a real currency market.


So, let’s speak a bit more about the system itself. Each user had to scan the QR code and register with our Telegram Bot, answering a set of question. Each user received his/her personal ID and got the first points for the registration. The bot allowed one to instantly check the balance, see the up-to-date list of prizes (when the prize was given to the winner, it automatically disappeared from the list), find out the actual price of each prize (it was constantly changing), the list of the tasks, the exchange rate of BVBcoin to points. We also created an opportunity for the user to transfer different amounts of points to another user’s account through his/her ID. The back-end of this system was written on Laravel and helped us to easily increment the points of the users, to automatically reset the user’s balance giving away prizes to them, to change the price of the gifts, to publish new tasks for the participants, and so on. Another useful tool we used in the development of our bot was BotMan, one of the most popular PHP chatbot frameworks.


One of the key functions of our bot was constant communication with the audience. The users received most of our tasks through the bot. This helped us not to lose the attention of the visitors, because they received our messages no matter where they were, even if they had left the event or switched their attention to other activities. As the points for each task were given only to the first few participants, our users ran fast to our stand with the answers to the questions or solutions to our tasks. As a result of this organization, many more people were rushing to our stand in order to take part in the process.


Honestly speaking, we did not expect such an activity of the participants. In general, our system counted 217 active users who mined our BVBcoins and fought for our prizes. During the first hour we already had the first 50 participants. It is great that the IT Rally audience reacted so positively to our idea. We helped the participants of this event to plunge into the world of cryptocurrency for one day.


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