How One Of The Most Advanced Services For E-Ticket Selling In Ukraine Was Created

A few years ago, great guys from the company V-ticket had an idea to create a powerful service with online ticket sales for a variety of events, because at that time in the Ukrainian Internet space such service was needed. There was a thought, that it would be great to gather all the events of various kinds and genres from all over the country in a single global center, with adding an opportunity to buy a ticket just in a few seconds directly from your computer. Guys from V-ticket met the [bvblogic] team and together they created a great convenient service, just like it had been planned. A service, which is one of the most advanced in Ukraine. Tens of thousands of users found the significant benefits here and have become the regular customers of this resource.


At the start of the project, it was already clear that the most technical complexity of the project was a significant amount of integrations with payment systems. It was also extremely important to take care of the security of all financial transactions. But we coped with these and all the other complicated tasks.

The project was carried out by our team of Ptech_vtHP, we used the best technologies in order to fulfill all our plans in the requested time. Our designers ensured simplicity and usability of the interface, to help each user to find desired entertainment event easily and quickly, just in a few clicks, and instantly buy a ticket. For additional convenience, we integrated the service with a number of filters that allow one to find the specific event by categories, or by venue or date.

Today the system is working successfully and is gaining popularity. It provides benefits to all users. Customers are able to buy tickets quickly, safely and conveniently. For event organizers, it means a flexible, easy and free system that allows to set up the sale of electronic tickets very fast, only in one day. And owners can track all business activities thanks to an integrated system of statistics.

ticket_small1_3If you have an interesting idea and want to bring it to life together with creative experienced team – contact us, and we will gladly discuss all the details and give you a free consultation 🙂

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