How Will Technology Shape the Future of Customer Experience?

Have you ever wondered what the customer experiences future looks like? If you responded in the negative, then it is time to take a fresh look at this question. The simple truth is that customers will expect more and more from you with new advances in technology. The bottom line is that you have to change things up in order to maximize the customer experience.

Customers expect not only quality but also easy access to products and services. The time spent and experience the customers get is of utmost importance. Many businesses that understand this are turning to digital technology. By the year 2022, an estimated 640 billion dollars would be spent on customer experience (CX) technology. As more consumers get accustomed to using cloud-based data and technology, they expect businesses to take the same initiative, in an effort to provide the best shopping experience. Let’s check other trends that shape the future of customer experience.

5 Trends That Will Change the Future of Customer Experience

Customer experience is by far one of the most important predictors of success in the retail industry. Most of the customer experience transformation is driven by customer demand. Companies understand that customers want a more personalized and hustle free experience. Changes in the economy, globalization, and digitalization are the main factors that influence customers. So what are the predicted customer experience trends?

1. Every Employee Should Be Involved in CX

A customer-first based approach isn’t only about hiring a competent chief customer officer. It is something that involves the entire sales team. Each member must work to ensure that the needs of customers are met. You have to think of how each department in your business can enhance customer experience from:

  • Hiring professionals,
  • Supply chain,
  • Product design,
  • Marketing.

Even when you feel you have achieved success, you have to strive for improvements. Companies that assign only a select number of employees to manage customer experience may fail.


2. Complete Transformation is Required

Over the past decade, there has been an increase in the number of businesses going for digital transformation. One thing that businesses should understand is that transformation should be complete to be effective. Transcendence means adopting a completely new business model. In the coming years, more businesses will blur the line between physical and digital products. Even if your current business model is working, you should strive to change it into one that accommodates digital technology and customer service.

3. There is No End to Digital Transformation

Digitization is not something that has an end. So you just can’t achieve digital transformation and relax. In contrast, the journey begins once you transform your business. A company should be able to make changes as the demands of customers change and with the availability of new technologies.

Digital transformation should be a long-term strategy and involve every single employee for it to be effective. Businesses should always be ready to replace the current strategy with one that is innovative and trending. Emphasis should be placed on improving the skills of an employee. Prediction of the latest trends can prepare businesses for the future.


4. Complete Automation of the Robotic Process

When businesses use robotic automation it increases efficiency and reduces expenses. Automation also gives humans the chance to focus on more pressing issues such as innovative solutions, business strategies, and effective ways of improving the relationship with customers.

Robotic automation, when combined with software programs, can be used to modify data and provide a link with other digital systems. Companies can customize automation to suit their needs. While some companies are targeting complete automation others plan on reskilling workers, so they can perform more important tasks in the age of digital technology.

5. Data Ethics Takes Center Stage

The recent accusation that Facebook was selling its users’ data led to many questions of data ethics. Users want privacy and so any data breach can greatly tarnish the image of a brand. Customers want to have control over their data and can choose the information that companies can access.

Any business that fails to meet up with data protection of its clients is at risk of being sued. This not only makes you lose money but tarnishes the image of your business. So as data becomes more important, businesses should focus on improving cybersecurity. Customers want to be sure they can trust you so that there are no cases of a data breach.

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The Importance of Customer Experience Transformation

A customer’s experience can have a lasting impression. But why is it so important? To understand that, you have to get acquainted with the term customer experience.

Customer experience is an interaction between a buyer and an organization. Simply put, it is the experience a customer has when buying your product or services. Customer experience can be affected by all the things that an organization does include:

  • Sold products
  • Sales processes
  • Internal affairs

So why all the fuss about customer experience management? Customer experience is important for business growth. Maintaining a positive customer experience increases the likelihood of loyalty and strengthens a brand. 44% of buyers become impulse buyers after a personalized shopping experience.

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Customers who feel satisfied with your products and services are most likely to refer your company to friends. These happy customers may also leave positive reviews on your website and, therefore, attract new customers.

Technologies That Will Shape the Future of Customer Experience

Numerous technologies will have a significant effect on the experience of the future customer. These are mentioned below.

1. Connected Enterprise

A Connected Enterprise will become more vital as consumers’ demands take center stage. A Connected Enterprise monitors machines and connects all the vital systems in your business. In so doing, it creates real-time data which allows for deeper insights and predictive analytics.

For example, you can monitor the demands and behavior of customers across different areas and seasons and supply accordingly. This not only improves customer experience but also increases sales. So a connected system has all the components needed for business growth in the future. The main components of a Connected Enterprise include:

  • Data-driven devices
  • The infrastructure that allows connectivity
  • Data storage capabilities
  • Advanced analytics

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Businesses today are looking for ways to link AI and customer experience. AI can provide intelligent and informed insights at all stages of the customer journey. So why AI? It can collect and analyze a large amount of data from various sources.

It can even process customer behavior thus providing more useful insights. Companies like Google and Amazon are already making use of AI through Siri and Alexa respectively. Here are some examples of how AI can shape the future of customer experience:

  • Chatbots and virtual assistants;
  • Predictive personalization;
  • AI-enabled analytics;
  • AI-powered visual and voice engagement.

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3. Cloud-based Software

Modern businesses run on successful data strategies. The internet and increasingly new digital technologies make businesses become more reliant on data. A more efficient way of handling digital assets is through cloud-based solutions.

Cloud-based solutions offer more flexibility and security. They also make it easier to incorporate new technologies. Centralized cloud-based software can lead retailers to make data-driven decisions that provide personalized customer experience.

4. Personalized CX

One thing that will keep customers coming back is a personalized CX. Personalization can drive sales by more than 5%. The whole point of personalization is to provide products and services specifically designed for a customer. Amazon, for example, provides special offers to their customers based on purchase history. This not only increases loyalty but future purchases as well. Other ways of personalization include:

  • Providing support through a mobile application
  • Providing a self-service experience
  • Encouraging customers to create profiles
  • Using customer’s feedback
  • Recommending products
  • Implementing a loyalty program

However, to achieve the best results, there should be transparency on how customer data is being used. Customers need to understand how and why data is being collected. It is the only way to ensure trust.

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Our Experience with the CX Software

We are specialized in designing new technologies for customer experience. Our team has the skills to provide you with the perfect solutions to help you improve the experience of your customers. We create different software and applications that will enhance CX. Our goal is to provide solutions that are designed to solve the specific challenge that you are facing. The bvblogic company provides digital technology that will lead to data-driven insights on customer experience and increased productivity.

Final Thoughts

The best way to ensure success is to invest in enhancements of the customer experience. Customer demands are rapidly changing with new digital technologies. Customers expect businesses to catch up with the latest tech trends and provide a more personalized experience.

The impression a customer has today will greatly influence the perception of a business brand. So businesses need to put customers at the center and make an investment in digital transformations which would be pleasing to the future customer.

If you have any questions, you can get a free consultation on customer experience software. The bvblogic company is ready to provide the best services and solutions for the customers!

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