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Have you ever been in a situation when your business needed new ideas? Have you wanted to have a fresh perspective on the old problems? Or maybe, seemingly insignificant difficulties prevented your company from growing and developing.

We have ventured to assume that ‘yes’ because almost every company faces various challenges on their way of development. Some businesses can find a way out and overcome them, but unfortunately, not all companies can do that, and there are various reasons for this: from the reluctance to react to these problems to the inability to find people who can sometimes come up with simple but right solutions.

Recently companies that strive to grow and develop have got a new opportunity to involve industry professionals, experts, students, scientists, analysts, business representatives and all the talented and creative people in the solution of their business cases. This has become possible as a result of the bvblogic challenges service.


bvblogic challenges lets you not only get a fresh perspective but also solve a variety of business cases by crowdsourcing ideas to platform members. What can help businesses to discover new opportunities, areas of development, and, as a result, to increase productivity and profits?

Every day, companies that are market leaders and are dynamically growing, face new business challenges. They launch innovation departments or engage external specialists to help them to implement innovations, set up business processes, analyze the market and identify new trends, find new directions of development, scale their current business, and mobilize teams. With bvblogic challenges, you can create your own external innovation department to solve all of your business challenges.

bvblogic challenges is a ready-made business solution that will help you quickly engage people or expert teams to solve your business problems and find innovative solutions.

Challenges and tasks can be very different, for instance, currently, the platform has gathered ideas on

  • How to automate the recruiting process,
  • How to optimize the process of working with employees,
  • How to increase sales efficiency,
  • How to attract new freelancers to the marketing platform,
  • And many others.


How does it work? 

  • Usually, it starts with an online meeting and interview. The bvblogic challenges team, together with business analysts, helps you to analyze and identify problematic issues or situations in your business.
  • Description of the business challenge. The team prepares a description of the business task, identifies important points that the participants of the platform should focus on.
  • Chatbot publication. The team publishes your challenge in our main communication channel – Kristi Telegram Bot, which has over 700+ participants, who are ready to offer their ideas for your business.
  • Collection of the ideas. Participants offer ideas on how your business challenge can be solved within a set period of time.
  • Preselection of the ideas. The expert jury selects a package of the best business ideas for you, which are evaluated according to the following criteria – innovation, technical implementation, the complexity of implementing in the company’s processes, value, impact, and scalability of an idea or a product.
  • You select the best ideas. You choose the idea that you are ready to implement and improve your business processes. If the idea or its component involves software development, our team is ready to consult you and provide necessary recommendations if needed.
  • Honors and awards. The author of the winning idea receives financial awards or gifts. You can also offer collaboration to the author of the idea.


Why can it be interesting for you?

Even if you discard the option that this service can easily become your external innovation department, you also get crowdsourcing of innovative ideas, because four eyes see better than two.

In addition, it’s also about finding ready solutions. Sometimes the solution is plain to see, all you have to do is to ask the members of the platform who potentially could be your customers, partners, competitors, employees, and they may already have business ideas ready for you.

Also, it is attracting new talents, as you will have a chance to invite the people who have already proven themselves and offered you innovative ideas and a fresh perspective on your business to your team.

Furthermore, thanks to business analytics, you also receive the case studies that help you to identify the challenges and problems of your business and help to find the best ways to solve them.

So, if you have a specific task or problem that needs an effective solution, if you want to attract talented people or innovative teams to work on interesting projects, if your company wants to quickly implement innovative solutions and ideas, but you lack internal resources, or if you need a fresh perspective and new ideas for the development of your business, then bvblogic challenges is the tool you can start using today.

Moreover, the platform is open to cooperation with everyone, as long as in your DNA you long for innovation, are open to invention and discovery in your business development, always look for new ways for improvement and achievement. Is this about you? Then email us at

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