Innovative Retail Trends That Will Spread in 2019

Retail trends are coming to the fore together with increase in the consumer demand. Retail business owners use modern digital technologies to stay up-to-date, and in this way attract as many customers as possible. At the same time, it’s important for buyers to have an opportunity to make their purchases fast, to be sure of the quality of the product and even to engage in interactive activity during the process. Here are some trends that retail clients can witness in the next 2019 year.

Augmented Reality

This feature will be especially useful for buyers of clothes: now clothes can be tried on in a virtual fitting room. Shoppers will be able to see how the clothes will fit their type of figure, and whether the color will match them.

One of the make-up brands has also created a “magic mirror” that scans their client’s face, selects a tone of cosmetics and creates virtual make-up.cup-2218405_1920

With this technology, virtual store navigation is also possible when the buyer preselects a list of shopping products in the mobile app and is able to instantly see their location on the store shelves, as well as to set the most optimal “shopping route”.

In general, augmented reality opens new opportunities for various types of retail and helps buyers “to imagine” what their purchase will look like in reality, at the same time the buyers can see the availability of the required products in the store.


Intelligent purchases are now available with the SmartCart technologies. One smart cart opens such features as navigation, “recipe book” and a list of ingredients for the chosen meal, as well as full information about the product.

Let’s imagine that you decided to cook Caprese salad for dinner: in the menu, you choose a recipe for this dish and then come across the components you need to buy. You can also see where the tomatoes and the basil come from, as well as find out from what farm the producers got milk for the production of mozzarella. Such opportunities will attract eco-food lovers.

Moreover, SmartCart scans your products and calculates the final price. Shoppers can set their own financial limitations and the cart will notify them when the price of their purchases is approaching the limit.



The Internet of Things can not only change your home into a smart one, but also help you with shopping. Amazon has been selling a smart device called Dash Buttons for a few years now. It controls the number of the users’ products, for example, in the fridge. If you run out of milk or other products, the device independently forms an online order. The buyer can add some items from his/her smartphone and confirm it. Just a few clicks and the necessary products will be delivered directly to your home. A lot of stores have already become partners of similar smart devices because they see the future of retail in this invention.
dashbuttonsIoT solutions are also presented as smart shelves. They are equipped with RFID sensors, which determine whether the products are placed in accordance with the weight and position, and also notify when shops are running out of the goods. So managers know when and where to refill the shelves. It really makes the process of placing goods in stores easy, fast and modern.


These clever assistants help the retailers’ business at the stage when goods are sorted in the warehouses. In the store, they interact with buyers and managers, as their “responsibilities” include monitoring the goods on the shelves, delivering the necessary products to customers, collecting and analyzing data. Later, this information is processed to optimize business activity. Moreover, robots can provide answers to customers’ questions in different languages, and also navigate them to the required shelf.


Last year, a trend of the well-known AmazonGo spread out in the world. In the next 2019 year, this way of purchasing will remain popular as well. The ability of shopping without lines nowadays is especially attractive to buyers. Now you can buy the necessary products a lot faster. Our client relationship manager Ivan Prokipchuk had an opportunity to “test” these modern features of AmazonGo in Seattle. You can see more here.

2019 prepares many revolutionary gifts for the owners and clients of retail businesses. With them, purchases can be done interactively, quickly, and innovatively.

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