Every Successful Project Makes Our City Greener

For the last four years, IT company from Ivano-Frankivsk [bvblogic] has planted trees in the city park and around the city lake every spring. It is a tradition of [bvblogic] called ‘1 Project – 1 Tree’. For each successful project one tree is planted in the public areas of Ivano-Frankivsk.


Svitlana Oleksyn, Event Manager of [bvblogic] tells more about this tradition:

Despite widespread stereotypes, programmers do not always spend entire days staring at the screens of their computers, they are energetic people full of enthusiasm, bright ideas and a desire to live in a beautiful and successful city, so every year dozens of our employees are happy to join in this environmental tradition. This year more than 30 people joined the process of planting trees. They came with families and children, it was very joyful and inspiring. Every year we try to pick spectacular seedlings. This year, we planted a flowering willow called Hakuro Nishiki right near the entrance to the park from Mazepa Street. We hope that when the trees blossom, it will be very beautiful. In total, by now we have planted more than 80 trees: Tulip Trees, Red Maples, Magnolias and others.”

We want our talented developers not to leave the country in search of better places, we aim to do our best to make our hometown beautiful, successful, environmentally-friendly, comfortable for life and work. With this tradition we want to demonstrate that we care about our city, and we would also like to encourage other organizations to do similar work and help Ivano-Frankivsk to become greener and more environmentally-friendly. Of course, a few trees that we have planted are a small contribution to the improvement of the environmental situation overall, but there are a lot of people like us, and every little helps”, – says Vitaliy Rodymiuk, CEO [bvblogic]

You can find more photos here

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