Let’s find the best roads together!

Have you ever wondered how many troubles and inconveniences  the bad roads cause to the millions of people around the world every day?

In fact, about 70% of roads in more than 70 countries need the capital and current repairs. Every day millions of drivers plan their business trips or vacations, using ordinary navigators, and get on a terrible road parts, from which sometimes it is not easy to get out … they are late for the job, damage their cars, become irritated, spoil their plans and mood, and sometimes even fall in accidents … How can we solve all of this? The answer is Navizor.

02First the idea appeared …

Yaroslav, the vice president of web development in [bvblogic] company – a driver with many years of experience. He was wondering how to choose the best route avoiding the bad roads. He read a lot of forums, comments, but usually all that information was inaccurate, mixed or old. So, Yaroslav understood that there had to be some new decision. And he shared his thoughts with colleagues, who gladly helped to put his great idea into practice!

So, that was the way how Navizor was born inside the walls of [bvblogic] company, it became the world’s first mobile navigator, that is able to build the routs considering the roads quality and to warn drivers about dangerous areas ahead. It gives drivers the opportunity to save up to 15% of the costs for fuel and maintenance of vehicles.


We developed the unique algorithm for intelligent data collection and analysis on the quality of the road surface, which works on the principle of neural network that is self-improving.

How does it work?

Drivers can assess the quality of road sections on 5-point scale on the website navizor.com or using Navizor mobile apps for iOS and Android.

In addition, to improve the reliability of information, we use patented algorithm for automatic collection of data on the quality of roads using smartphones with built-in accelerometers. We fix the intensity of fluctuations of every smartphone and the actual speed of cars on the road sections with different quality. The implementation of this functionality became real thanks to our partners Checkroad.in.ua

This approach allows us to affirm, that Navizor collects the most accurate and reliable information about the quality of roads checked personally by the drivers. And service Navizor is easily scalable, we are working with 37 countries for today.


For the developing of Navizor service we engaged a team of professional Java-, iOS-, Android- developers, web designers and HTML-coders. Only thanks to their purposeful and creative work, we were able to implement our plans in life, and finalize a web version and full service Navizor mobile navigation platforms for iOS and Android. The work on improvement of navigation solution Navizor continues today by the same professional team of [bvblogic] specialists.


On the maps of Navizor service you can quickly find and view the details of road sections: the index of the road, the road name, the type of coverage, start and finish areas, the length of the road, the chargeable government organization, the responsible road maintenance station and their contacts. In addition, users of Navizor service have an opportunity to assess the quality of the road surface, viewing the dynamic changes of road quality, repairs, and send comments and requests to the road services concerning some road parts.

Every day we work hard, and we get the new victories.

Over the past year, the team Navizor participated in 15 public presentations both Ukrainian and international level, including: IT-Arena Lviv, Pioneers Kyiv, Startup Crash Test, Battle Startups, i-Forum, Open Data Hackathon Lviv, where we had a victory and became the residents of the first non-profit incubator of open and big data “Open data incubator 1991”. And it brought us a new achievement! The Ambassador of Canada officially awarded the Navizor project as a graduate of 1991 Open Data Incubator, and we were invited to spend 4 months in the incubator DMZ at Ryerson University in Canada.

1991Currently, Navizor is developing rapidly. Striving to improve the lives of drivers, we sign the agreements with various government structures. Recently, we signed a memorandum of cooperation with Dnepropetrovsk Regional State Administration and launched the pilot project “Inventory Of Dnepropetrovsk Roads”.

In a short while on the Navizor maps the detailed information about current and major repairs on the roads Dnepropetrovsk region will appear, and it will contain the relevant information about funding, deadlines, information on contractors, regulatory organizations and others. Drivers will be able to check this information directly on the roads and to report to the appropriate authorities of the region if they reveal some infractions, such as repair crews absence, wrong technology of road repairing and so on.

05We are happy to see how the number of our partners, like-minded, users is growing. We are happy to make this world better together!

Some statistics:

  • The number of kilometers estimated – 245 thousand.
  • The number of ratings – 446 thousand.
  • The number of partner countries – 37
  • The number of people – more than 80 thousand.

st_engService Navizor – is a complex solution that is valuable for different market segments:

  • Navigation Companies – Navizor helps to obtain relevant data on the quality of roads faster and much cheaper.
  • Logistic Companies – using Navizor service they can reduce the maintenance costs of large auto fleet, reduce the risk of damage and delayed delivery.
  • Tracking companies – will provide the added benefit for their users by providing relevant data on the quality of roads and repair works.
  • Network operators (such as gas stations, service stations, etc.) – using the navigation system Navizor they will attract more loyal customers to their business.
  • And insurance companies will reduce their risks and improve the relevance of the calculation of individual insurance rates.


Among the Navizor partners are both nationwide known services, and public organizations:

  • Karpaty.ua – Carpathian guide and booking service for accommodation.
  • IGotoWorld.com – guide through the Ukrainian attractions.
  • Checkroad.in.ua – service for automatic data collection about pits.
  • Dnepropetrovsk Regional Administration – pilot project “Electronic inventory of Dnepropetrovsk roads”
  • Road Service of Dnepropetrovsk region – pilot project “Electronic inventory of Dnepropetrovsk roads”
  • Dnepropetrovsk city administration
  • Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine

We believe, that every good idea surely will become successful if it is developed by focused team of professionals with creative ideas and progressive methods of work!

Join Us!


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