Nimbus Note – The Perfect Decision To Organize Your Life

In today’s world with its incredible development of information technologies and the rapid speed of all processes it’s hard to overestimate the importance of those things that help us to organize ourselves, our time and our work, immediately to save things that are really important for us at this very moment, to plan our work or leisure, to arrange the necessary documents, notes, and other information, and to be able to share all these things with others anywhere, anytime. It would be great to do all these things using a single service … Sounds unreal?

Meet Company Nimbus, that deals with the launching of its own start-ups, mobile and web applications development, which are aimed at improvement of work with users’ personal data. They became our client, and our [bvblogic] company has developed a fascinating project for them – Nimbus Note.

The core projects’ development idea was to create a convenient, simple and up-to-date tool for  storage of personal notes, personal information, important documents and an option for sharing this data and having them at hand all the time.

We involved our best UI/UX specialists for creating nice, functional and at the same time simple interface for mobile applications. We made a lot of effort for planning particular elements of the projects and testing users’ behavior for the end product to be qualitative and complex. Even more effort we made to test mobile applications for the client to have satisfied users and good feedback.

2As a result of mutual and synchronized cooperation among all the team members, we managed to produce a qualitative and effective personal tool for important information management.  And it gives a number of excellent functional advantages and opportunities to the users:

Create. You can create notes of any complexity – using tables, pictures, files, and various kinds of lists.

Save everything you need anywhere: your ideas, notes, photos, and whole articles from websites or even internet pages. It doesn’t become a problem thanks to the clipper, integrated into the service. It works for browsers Chrome and Firefox, and devices on the Android system.

Share. With a few clicks you get a public link to any folder or note, and you can share it with your friends or colleagues. Anywhere. Anytime. Wherever you have access to the Internet.

Organize. You can easily organize your work and personal plans. Make task lists and keep their implementation under control. With Nimbus Note, you can feel completely free. Now you shouldn’t be afraid to miss or forget the most important info. It’s almost impossible.

Access. Nimbus Note is available for a variety of devices (PC, Android, iOS, Windows Phone), so you always have the access to your information wherever you are and moreover, you have the access to all your files in offline mode as well.

4We are still working on Nimbus Note improvement and optimization. Company Nimbus is releasing more options for its users as sees great potential in this product.

Do you like this decision? We’ll be happy to implement your ideas and projects in life. Contact our team and get a free consultation!

Let’s create really great things together!

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