One More Successful Experience Of Social Service Creation

According to statistics, 92% of people worldwide trust friends recommendations, as well as the reviews in social networks, while choosing certain services or activities. We can see, that the popularity of social networks is growing rapidly nowadays. They have become an integral part of the life of the modern society.

Today we would like to talk about how we created a social service by our own hands for our clients – the company Picturay. This service is oriented on travellers around the world.

The idea of the service was to create a platform for trip-lovers so that they would instantly be able to share interesting moments, places they visited.

Pict3Perhaps the next situation would be familiar to you. During your journey, you see really beautiful places and wonder why the standard travel guides don’t tell about them. We have created the service, that aims to help everyone to share photographs from beautiful places with as many people as it is possible around the world. Accordingly, people who plan their journey can get current information about interesting places, see “live” photos and get acquainted with the experiences of people who have been there. This allows you to plan your vacations and trips better, everything you need to do is just to subscribe to active travellers.

The main challenge for our team in the development process was to implement all of the customer’s demands effectively. Such as simplicity, ability to scale the product fast, try out the business model and not to overstep the limits of the budget.

We managed to achieve this goal thanks to organised and creative work of our PHP team, our designers and HTML-coders. [bvbloigic] technical team planned simple architecture of the service and chose the most  optimum technology – Zend Framework, which helped to preserve clients’ resources  for service model testing.

Pict5We implemented the simple and intuitive design. Service Picturay is handy and easy to use. Registration with one of the social networks is enough for the user to share the best moments of the trip, get references from other travellers from all over the world and collect the best impressions and moments of life.

A number of filters were integrated into the service to help one to find places of interest basing on certain criteria that are important to the user. Thus, for example, it is possible to find photos and information about specific regions and places, sorted by such criteria as shopping places, restaurants, music concert and others.

Pict2Thousands of trip-lovers nowadays post photos of unique places from different countries in the world, which help other users to spend their vacation even more exciting.

For company Picturay – this is an opportunity to involve an audience and monetize the service recommending the best tourist routes of the world.

So we can happily say, that it was one more successful experience of effective cooperation with the customer, and we did everything we could for our client to receive the qualitative product which is now being used by thousands of travellers from all over the world in the deadline.

Pict4If you like our solutions – please contact our team and we will give you a free consultation.

Let’s create great projects together!

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