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How does the process of recruitment work in the IT industry? What tasks does an IT recruiter face during his/her work? What skills do tech candidates need to have in order to draw the recruiter’s attention? Below you will find answers to all of these questions.

Tech research reveals that only with proper HR managers/recruiters can the IT market advance and improve. Scouting for tech experts is an ongoing process and doesn’t depend on the size of the IT company, because there are always new projects with new technologies. It’s important to always be up-to-date and hire experts who know the latest tech trends.

A recruiter’s work is demanding and involves attending networking events, communicating with candidates and conducting interviews all the time. The recruiter should be prepared for all these occasions. When there is a request for a new position in the company, the employment expert makes a list of requirements for this vacancy, then posts it on the website in the career section and in social networks. Here the process of searching for the candidate who meets the requirements for a certain position starts.

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The recruiter often uses two ways of finding tech experts: active and passive. Active recruitment includes working on LinkedIn, Djinni, DOU and different platforms to find the best IT talents; staff references. The latter way consists of platforms for job seekers and other social networks.

After getting acquainted with CVs and candidates’ profiles, the recruiter forms a long list. It’s a list of all candidates who meet the requirements. The next stage is the screening of applicants who may be interviewed and according to that the shortlist can be formed. After that, the most outstanding candidates have a few stages of the interview. 


The first stage is conducted by the recruiter. During it, he/she checks the reliability of the relevant experience that was mentioned in the CV; the level of English or any other needed foreign language; values and soft skills: teamwork, socialization. At the second stage, the Head of the Department takes an active part, he/she tests hard skills, technical expertise, asks questions that relate to a specific position and needed skills, also gives test tasks. At the third stage, the candidate meets the CEO of the company and answers questions about values and priorities. After all three steps, there is a meeting between the recruiter, the Head of the Department and the president of the company, where they make a decision on whether the candidate is hired. Regardless of the outcome, the recruiter always gives feedback. 

And finally, here are some professional tips from the recruiter of our company for tech candidates: provide truthful information, because it’s easy to check it by asking certain questions during the interview. Mind your manners and make sure your behavior is appropriate. Do not act too provocatively. Also, don’t keep people waiting for you: be on time. And most importantly: be yourself and luck will be on your side.

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