P.AID – More than an Uber-like app

Have you ever had a desire to be helpful for society, a brand or some people? If so, you might not know where to find the right place to start. The time has come. Our team had an amazing opportunity to work on a complex and rewarding project. And now, we are happy to announce P.AID – the new revolutionary way to engage companies and active performers in socially important projects. Wherever you go and wherever you are, there is a great opportunity to make a contribution for others. You may ask: How does it work?

The answer lies on the surface. What you need is to install P.AID mobile application on your cell phone or to open the web app in a browser. The company (or brand) places tasks with locations and descriptions included. All registered users may see them and choose their preferred task. Then the person accepts it and begins to perform it. After the person completes the task, the company (or brand) checks its relevance and after that the performer receives the payment.
A huge social benefit of this project is that people with disabilities can take part in it on equal conditions.

Let’s consider benefits for all the participants of this project.
For brands: being closer to the target audience, making cost-efficient decisions, supporting social initiatives, enhancing sales, minimizing expenses.
For people: receiving money for completed tasks, participating in brands’ challenges and growth, helping to improve the company’s services and products.
For the market: sharing economy, corporate social responsibility, solving important environmental problems.

Taking into consideration all the development aspects: functionality, workload, design and logic, our IT specialists used the following technologies in the project: Java8, PHP, lucid architecture. We have applied Smart contracts approach, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science technologies. Based on the users’ analytics on the Ukrainian market we chose an Android mobile platform for the mobile app. We started from MVP development to observe how the system will work and now our engineers are continuing the development process. To be more specific, we are working now on the audit of the products on supermarket shelves.

Today, we can surely say that P.AID is an Uber-like aggregator for brands, people, and society. The fact that it covers 3 categories of interaction means a beneficial outcome. From this point of view, P.AID looks like top-notch and unique platform not only to earn money, but also to connect the business and community together. Currently, this project is presented on big and global hackathons and conferences by our bvblogic experts, so that it could attract a wider audience to socially important issues. If you are keen on interaction, curious tasks, being in the world of brands, then you need to download the mobile app, receive tasks, solve issues, earn money, make a contribution to society – be with P.AID!


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