Qualitative HTML Layout vs Effective SEO

Sometimes the owners of sites pay much attention in the development process to its user interface and perception. But later the question arises – how to maximize the number of visitors? So the developers get new TOR for website optimization and start rewriting some areas of code … To avoid such situations guys from [bvblogic] use a high-quality HTML layout at once. ‘Cause the semantic coding has a significant impact on SEO.

As you know, the ranking of websites in search engines depend on numerous various factors. Qualitative HTML code takes completely not the last place here.

All pages in a Web are written in HTML; like any other language, it has its own syntax and grammar and every document that uses this code should follow the prescribed rules. The search engine at first “divides” the code of your website’s pages apart to find relevant content. Accordingly, if the HTML-code contains errors, search engines can not find the content. In addition, high-quality HTML layout can help to achieve the identical work in different browsers and significantly speed up page loading.

The maximum download speed in Google Page speed became the main goal for [bvblogic] HTML-team in recent times. And we won 100 of 100 possible points 🙂

website-speedOur department of HTML coding used Google Page speed recommendations and personal experience in the process of creation of the website for Navizor, the startup of our [bvblogic] company. Navizor is the first in the world mobile navigator, which allows to plan the routes taking into consideration the quality of the roads and warns drivers about dangerous areas of roads ahead. You can read more here.

Visit our GitHub and get acquainted with fragments of our HTML-layout. Evaluate the quality of our code, gain something useful for yourself and join the process of its improvement.

Let’s create the best solutions together!

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