Quality Assurance. Why It’s So Important for The “Healthy” Code

The development process is tightly connected with quality assurance. This is so important in the whole process of creating websites, mobile apps, CRM systems, etc., because it assures both parties, the IT company, and the client, that this product will work properly and effectively.

We talked with our QA expert Yuliia Arlamovska, and she shared some interesting facts about this process. So, after writing a certain functionality, e.g. for a registration form, developers send it to the QA experts for reviewing and giving feedback.

In case some bugs are found, the tester reports them at the tracker and assigns to the developer. Then this code is fixed, assigned to the tester and re-tested one more time. When no bugs are found at this functionality part, this task is closed and also sent to the client for review. This bilateral process is gradual and consecutive: initially, with functionality fragments and ultimately with the ready-to-implementation product. When the tester finds no bugs and everything works properly, our team can send it to the client as a final product.

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By the way, the type of testing depends on the products they’re used for. Here are some of them:

Functional Testing is used for different types of projects. The main aim of it is to check whether the functionality is logical and meets all technical requirements. For large IT products automation testing is used in addition to the functional one.

Cross-Browser Testing is applied for web applications that are opened in multiple browsers and helps to understand whether it will work correctly in different web viewing software.

Cross-Platform Testing is similar to the previous type and checks how it works in various operating systems and devices.

API testing is used in case a new application programming interface is created for a project and, accordingly, helps to find out if it works properly and safely.

Usability Testing applies both to web-based projects and mobile applications. With this kind of QA, it’s possible to observe how easily and conveniently to use this IT product.

Smoke Testing also is applied in all projects after every change, e.g. bug fixing, implementation, migration to another database, etc. It helps to ensure that the code that was built is stable.

Load/Performance Testing is commonly implemented for cloud-based projects at the final stage of development. This testing helps in the analysis of project loading, e.g. whether it will work when a certain number of users log in and operate at the same time. 

Security Testing is used by QA experts to be sure that the website or mobile app stores users and project data properly and securely. It’s necessary for payment systems, authorization, personal information, etc.

Graphic User Interface Testing helps to ensure that the graphic user interface meets the specifications and the layout that was chosen at the first stage of the developing process.

 Regression Testing is applied to check whether all recent changes (bug fixing or adding new features) were conducted correctly and to make sure that it doesn’t affect other existing parts of the code.

There are also some tools that help our QA testers at work. Such as Chrome Web Dev Tool (for layout, resolutions, recordings and server response reviewing), Postman (for API testing), BrowserStack (for checking how the web works on multiple browsers and resolutions) and a lot of others.


Our team conducts all these kinds of testing in both functional and non-functional ways. And what’s important for the clients: we offer a default testing package, that is included in advance as a part of the whole development process. There are also extra testing options that can be requested by our clients in addition to the mentioned package. 

Our 11-years of experience shows that Quality Assurance is essential in the process of creating IT solutions as it helps to prevent bugs and ensure that everything will work correctly, efficiently and successfully. For us, QA experts are like doctors that “treat” our code and make it “healthy”. 

Therefore, we are happy to create high-quality projects and our clients are satisfied with these results.

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