Smart Wine Technologies: Myth or Reality?

You are a winemaker, wine importer or just run family wine business – you totally have to read this! Time after time you might face routine work that takes so much time, extra work from your staff, uneven expenditure or even leads to the decrease in profit.

How could you solve these problems today? Fortunately, with the development of innovative technologies you can increase your efficiency manifold, save your money and simplify some routine tasks for your employees. Unreal – you say? We are ready to prove that this is all feasible.


Winemaking. Many winemakers worry about losing the uniqueness of their winemaking process with the implementation of innovative technologies. But if you have a team of professionals that can properly analyze the specificity of your business and take into account your uniqueness and recommend the best solutions specifically for your company, you definitely should not worry about it. Yes, it takes some time to develop optimal work schemes, adjust equipment or train staff. But you will get such important benefits as temperature control, moisture and pressure tracking, fruit-sorting, possibilities to analyze the productivity of each grape variety and every field. In this case, a huge amount of data might be involved in the process. Winemakers can trace this process and make decisions simultaneously. Such an approach raises wineries to a new level and gives them distinguishing features in comparison with their competitors.


Wine shops. If you are a retailer, you should also think about the role of such technologies in your business. Here is why: e-commerce trade is developing at a tremendous speed. More and more customers make wine orders online from their homes, subscribe for yearly delivery, want to be informed about the delivery process, and track their orders. Additionally, there are plenty of discounts and other loyalty programs. Not everybody checks emails, it is better for most people to receive notifications, small messages and holiday greetings from your shop through a mobile application. While travelling through wine regions people can find your shop on the map of the wine region, including information about the winery, destination, services, the variety of wines, options to order.


Moreover, smartphones are portable and quickly-informative. It goes without saying that with the help of smartphones it is better and quicker to organize management in every company. The company’s employees are informed on a regular basis and you receive their feedback promptly.

A lot of clients rely on people’s feedback about the products they buy. How does it work with wine shops? Make it simple and innovative. Developing QR-codes as an addition to the wine description helps customers to choose the wine wisely. It means that when people come to your shop they can scan the QR-code, and they get full information about a certain wine bottle in a real-time: its brand, ratings, age, and what is more important – real feedback about the wine!


Wine import. How often do wine distributors face the problem of not being informed about the details of the shipping process?

It is a well-known fact that importers order wine from different regions all over the world. Sometimes it is very useful to have an opportunity to track the transfer of your order, especially when you face delays or other difficulties in shipping. In order to control this process you can use tracking software. At every step of your purchase you are able to track your order immediately, no matter where you are and what you do, if you have your laptop or smartphone near you. It is important to keep communication lines open between the winery and the distributor. With the use of mobile apps it is simpler to stay in touch with your vendor: schedule a meeting, address the distributor’s and customer’s needs, launch promotions and advertising. Building an effective relationship means success in the wine market.


Basically, innovative technologies are able to help you better organize the work of your wine company, to improve communication processes with the company’s vendors, clients, employees, and to increase the efficiency of your business on the whole. Consider using innovative solutions for your company and you will soon raise your business to a new level.


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