Successful Project in Cooperation with Teple Misto and Google Ukraine

Lately we have seen significant transformations in many Ukrainian cities. And at the same time, these transformations are taking place in the minds of our society. People are changing their attitude to the development of our country and their cities. They do not want to simply watch what is happening, and passively accept the reality, they want to participate in solving various issues actively, to have a direct impact on the event monitoring, to make their own contribution to the future. A large amount of active and caring people and companies have appeared, as well as organizations that coordinate and accelerate their cooperation and the development procTM_circleesses in cities.

A vivid example of such an organization in Ivano-Frankivsk is Warm City (Teple Misto). This is a resource that collects and provides information about all the opportunities for urban development in our city. The purpose of this organization is to encourage local initiatives and to implement the most efficient ideas, as well as to combine efforts of active citizens, businesses and administration for the city development.

Many great projects have already been implemented by the “Warm City” or are in the process of implementation now. They have a big significance for the city. Here are some examples of such projects:

  • Urban Space 100 is a social enterprise in the format of a restaurant. 80% of the profit is spent exclusively on the implementation of social projects for Ivano-Frankivsk. Since its opening in December 2014, Urban Space 100 has already financed 31 projects.
  • City Identity – the initiative to create a visual style of Ivano-Frankivsk, supported by hundreds of Ivano-Frankivsk citizens. 46 patrons financed it.
  • Business Signboards. The goal is an aesthetically attractive, beautiful and modern city with its own identity. This project intends to clear the facades of historic buildings in the city center of bright inappropriate signs so that they would be in harmony with the unique city atmosphere and architectural elements.
  • Urban Space Radio – the radio station that aims to increase the level of community involvement in the development of our cities. This will be achieved through the establishment of an independent and 100% transparent media channel.

We are happy to have this platform in our city, and we take great pride in the fact that recently we had an opportunity of cooperation with the “Warm City”, the result of which was a new website, successfully launched in November 2016. The partner of this project was company Google.

So, the newly created platform Warm City is a project which integrates three key elements: society, business and city administration, and provides various options for their interaction for one common goal – constant city development. Different functions have been created for an effective cooperation of these three main factors.

Screenshot_1One of the key features is the ability for businesses and city administration to create their own grant programs. The community can use these grants to implement projects of their interest which are beneficial for the city. Accordingly, the authors of interesting ideas have an opportunity to apply for participation and to find the necessary funding for the implementation of their concept.

Another important feature is the Ideas Bank. This is a forum where ideas can be conceived, discussed, commented and the teams that are able to put these ideas into practice can be found. This is a live dialogue, where all the three components interact actively.

One more useful feature is CONNECTIF, which is a tool that shows the location of all activists who promote the city development on the world map.


The service displays clear information about how much money has already been involved, how many people have joined fundraising or volunteering. It also provides transparent reporting from the grant winners for the use of received funds.

We applied a creative approach to this service, where each investment is represented as a brick on the homepage of the website. This imagery gives people a sense of participation in the construction of a large complex project. Thus, everyone who contributes to fundraising or volunteering can find his/her own brick there. Bricks appear each time you make a contribution. And they display information about the person who joined – his/her name, and the kind of assistance.


To implement all this functionality, we involved our best Ruby professionals (using  Ruby on Rails, gem ActiveAdmin), experts from the Front-End team, HTML-coders, and to make this service work perfectly our QA experts applied functional and non-functional testing.

Currently, the project is being tested and all its features are being improved.

We are happy to work on great, interesting, socially important projects! We are always eager to cooperate with talented teams! Become one of our partners, meet our team closer, do not hesitate to contact us, we look forward to discussing your ideas with you!

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