We deliver on Clutch or 6 most important aspects for our clients

Every success-oriented company nowadays has a client-centered approach in its work. A product itself is not so important anymore. Rather, it is more important to create a product which perfectly meets the customer’s needs and expectations and to do it in a way convenient for the customer, as well as to build effective communication and reliable long-term relations. If you manage to do it, this will make you really successful.

For this purpose, it is extremely important to collect and analyze feedback from clients. It is a source of useful and sometimes even unexpected information. For instance, you may consider your relations with the client perfect, but in the process of feedback analysis, you can discover some little details which are annoying or frustrating for the client. Or vice versa, some approaches you were not confident of may turn out to have been great for your client.

we_deliver_blue_largeRecently, we have created a [bvblogic] profile on Clutch. This is an independent research resource based in Washington, D.C. which gathers professional and reliable companies from different spheres and collects feedbacks from their clients. Fake references cannot appear there. They all pass through the process of thorough verification including personal phone interviews of Clutch representatives with the company’s clients. Such feedback takes time and effort, so it will be left only by clients who are really happy with the cooperation, communication and the result of the work. That is why each feedback on Clutch is extremely important for us. As of now, we already have three of them.

The process of monitoring detailed reviews gives an opportunity to determine the most important aspects for a client and on the basis of this information to enhance your strengths and to work on your weak sides.

For the analysis of customers’ needs we also use Customer Development Methodology which includes interviewing customers about different aspects of our cooperation during the whole development process. It also helps to determine what is most important for the client. So, now we have determined six key aspects which were mentioned in the reviews on Clutch.

One of our clients is a leading digital agency in Estonia with over fifteen years of experience on the market. We have been working with them for more than a year, and we have already launched three successful projects together. They directly communicated with four of our developers during the development process. One of the most interesting projects for them was an internal system for a large taxi company. The system allows tracking orders for different time periods and payment information. This tool helps the taxi company to increase the efficiency of work and to analyze activity, as well as to track the drivers’ location and to attract new customers. Our client was satisfied with our work, they even recommended us to another company. Let us see what were the most important factors for them during our cooperation.

(1) Fast responses to all requests. A client should feel that you are ready to communicate any time it is necessary. Of course, it is impossible to provide response 24/7. But you must answer all questions honestly and as soon as possible. It is always unacceptable to ignore clients’ messages, even if you have no good news for them at the moment. It is important to create an atmosphere of reliability and accessibility. A client must be sure that you will never disappear for a long time leaving his/her issue unsolved.

“I’ve liked their work style and reaction time … they will always get in touch with me quickly if I have a problem, even during their holidays…They have very fast reaction times. If I send them a question or give some feedback, their response is typically good.”

Arvo Juhkov, CEO, Voolar Agency,

The bvblogic team integrates seamlessly with the in-house staff, provides solid advice, and adapts to new requirements. Flexible and reliable, they work extra hours to deliver results.
All levels of the agency, from the developers to the CTO, are always available to offer input.

Anton Vereshchagin, CEO, InterMoney Exchange Group

(2) Full cycle of development, variety of services. As our experience shows, people prefer to have an opportunity to get all needed things done in one place by one organization. Despite many advantages of a narrow specialization, one reliable partner capable of accomplishing different tasks is a great value for many clients. We in [bvblogic] provide a full-cycle of development from IT consulting and writing technical specifications to testing the finished product and project support.

“Being able to order different services from the same place is good for me since I don’t have to stay in touch with a number of companies.”

Arvo Juhkov, CEO, Voolar Agency,

“…their company has a lot of resources to offer. It’s nice to be able to get things done with one agency.”

Shawn, Principal, Startup Consultancy
Fort Collins, Colorado

Our other client is a custom menswear company with online and offline showrooms in Singapore and the UK. Our task was to build an order management system to simplify, automatize and speed up the ordering process. Initially, the company had a basic version of such a system. But they lost connection with their developer. Then they found another company in the UK, but they were not able to do the job properly. They had been really disappointed when our team met them. But we did our best to finally create the needed service fast and with high quality.

At the beginning, we improved the existing order management system and later we started to develop a brand-new one with useful features to easily collect customers’ information and provide an opportunity to make and track an order online.

Implementation of this new system became a key event for this company. This system made it possible to cut down financial and staff costs.

Let us look through the most important aspects for this customer.

(3) Detalization, consideration of all the comments of the client, Agile methodology. A great tip is to divide a project into small parts and set up milestones. Each part should be thoroughly discussed. It is also necessary to consider all the requirements of the client, even if you think you know better. Your expertise is not a reason to ignore the customer’s opinion. A very simple rule but often it is ignored or disregarded. You can give your recommendations and explain why they are important, but the final decision is always up to the client. Setting up milestones and discussing each of them is a great way to build a product perfectly meeting the customer’s needs. And it helps to avoid changing a finished project at the final stages of development.

“We set up milestones and a project plan. It’s a relatively agile way we’re applying with them: we throw out specs, they review it, they come back with questions, and they start working on it. We have daily calls to align ourselves and test what’s out there…It’s a very friendly way of working together.”

Founder, Custom Menswear Retailer

(4) Budget justification. Many clients share their negative experience of work with outsourcing companies who charged unreasonable prices without explaining details. It does not mean that they were definitely overcharged. But if you do not explain every detail of the project’s budget it often leads to misunderstanding. And such negative experience has a detrimental influence on all your further relations with the customer. Our experience shows that clients prefer to see detailed pricing. Here it would also be helpful to divide the project into parts and explain the price of each step. We in [bvblogic] always estimate each small task of a project and answer all questions about the factors that influence the price.

“When you work with third parties, oftentimes they overestimate their time and everything takes so much longer. I don’t feel like I’m getting ripped off at all by [bvblogic]. It seems like they’re charging us for a very fair amount of hours. If we think something is excessive, they’re willing to talk about it with us with them going back to their developers and asking why it took this much time. We agree on a new process in case something like that would happen again. It’s very fair from both sides. From that, we’ll have enough trust that we’re not going to challenge everything and start endless discussions.“

Founder, Custom Menswear Retailer

For our next client, we worked on an e-Commerce project. We dealt with data intelligence and reorganization of the database combined with a front-end interface that made it easier for our client’s customers to interact with the solution and buy geotargeting ad services and e-commerce services. From the feedback of this client we discovered the following important aspects.

(5) Individual approach. It is not easy to provide an individual treatment to each client when you are a large company, but today it is a very important feature appreciated by the customers. In our [bvblogic] company we do our best to prove our clients their importance for us. Our IT consulting department always provides recommendations on how to use the best solutions to make the client’s project really successful on the basis of the analysis of the specific features of each client.

“bvblogic offered the expertise of a large firm and personal attention of a small firm”

Shawn, Principal, Startup Consultancy
Fort Collins, Colorado

(6) Communication skills and perfect knowledge of foreign languages. A highly professional programmer is a great value. The same programmer with a fluent foreign language is priceless. Not only should you speak your customer’s language fluently, but you should also express your interest in the project, create a friendly atmosphere, demonstrate your deep knowledge and reliability. In the process of communication with our customers we always aim to convince them that we are truly interested in their success and share one common goal with them, so we will definitely use all our skills and knowledge to reach a high-quality result. Our client’s success is also our success as much.

“I met one of their managers through an outsourcing site. We talked on Skype and he was fantastic. He spoke good English and I felt very comfortable with his demeanor and felt I could trust him. I’ve since been introduced to other people at bvblogic and every person feels the same way. They’ve got great energy and they’re very trustworthy. They work very hard to get things right and they’re very communicative. ”

“I think it’s important to communicate often and that’s what I advised my client to do. When crossing different languages, it’s good to be clear what you’re expecting. They’ve always been able to understand what we’re looking for. I feel like we’re in good hands.”

Shawn, Principal, Startup Consultancy
Fort Collins, Colorado

One big value for me is the communication was straight to the point; that made the relationship stronger.

Head of Digital, Consulting Firm

We understand that from the moment of signing a contract we are responsible not only for the particular project but also for our customer’s reputation and image. According to our research in Customer Development System, more than 90% of our clients highly evaluate communications with us. This is a great sign for us which proves that we move in the right direction. And we will surely further develop different aspects of our work to make our clients more satisfied in the future.

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