What Kind of Website Will Suit Your Business Model?

Every day we visit dozens of websites and usually have no idea about how they were built and which functionality they have. For us, users, this information is not so important. But for business owners, who want to build a concrete website, these details are necessary to know.


So, if you have your own business and decide to make it more digital or closer to online customers, it is high time to create your online presence on the internet and develop a web page.

When an IT team receives a request as “to build a website”, at this stage, it is important to know more about the client’s business and his/her needs, about the field of work and the target audience. We will show you several examples in order to illustrate this process in more detail.

In case a client wants to sell some products through the internet, he/she needs to get an online shop or, in other words, an e-commerce website. As in every store, there should be such things as:

  • a shopping cart (it is convenient to add your purchase to the shopping cart),
  • payment system integration (an option to pay for your purchase online),
  • a personal cabinet (just fill in all the data needed for delivery once and make next purchases more quickly),
  • a “ships to” list (it is a list of countries to which products ordered in the store can be shipped)
  • order tracking (it is an additional feature which helps buyers to track their delivery in a real-time),
  • a help desk (in case customers want to know more details about their order or product, a help desk is a great solution that will answer all their questions. It can be a live chat, as well as a chatbot).



This is a type of website where a user is able to find and book tickets, hotels or restaurants. The main features for a booking web page are:

  • a search line,
  • filters (for example you choose the country, the number of adults and children etc.),
  • optional purpose (travel or business),
  • calendar (where you can check available dates),
  • user’s profile etc.

This solution helps hotel/restaurant owners in business optimization, and makes the booking process more accessible and convenient.


Landing Page

It is a website (usually only one page) created for marketing purposes. In this “place” clients

  • meet a team,
  • learn about the offered services and implemented projects,
  • find e-mail, phone number and address,
  • look through photo/video gallery and create their own image of the business.

So for business owners who want to show their activity in the most visible, concise and clear manner, a landing page is an excellent idea.

Online business card. It is a one-page-website which contains a bit more information than regular business cards do. As you know “essential” parts for it are

– name,

– position,

– e-mail,

– phone and location of the office.

An online version of this card has “more space” so facts about your experience and values will fill it up. The contact form is also welcomed, as it makes the way of communication between the card owner and his/her partners easier and more effective.


Corporate portals are created for company presentation. They consist of a few pages (unlike one-page landing sites) and have to represent such info as:

– “about us” details (Mission, Aim, Values; history, main domains etc.)

– services (in this part customers can come across your offer and find what they need)

– team (clients and partners would like to meet people they work with, even see their photos)

– solutions (it is a visible presentation of the company’s activity and experience)

– ‘contact us’ (integration with social platforms, email, phone numbers, address etc.)

Viewers of such websites get an opportunity to be redirected from one page to another.


Promo Site

As it can be inferred from the title, this is a website for the promotion of certain products or services. It should attract a target audience to whom certain products can be sold, that is why it can contain a lot of beautiful photos, graphics and interactive features. Sometimes this web page may be especially useful for the promotion of a single product that has been widely advertised and is eagerly anticipated by your clients. Creating such a website is an important stage of the marketing strategy. And it sells well.


Of course, these cases are only examples and a lot of additional innovative features can be added to each of them. Everything depends on the client’s needs and preferences. And it is important to remember that this information is essential when you choose the right technologies that will be used, the amount of hours which the developers will spend on its implementation and what it will look like.

Define which type of website you need and create it to promote your business and make it truly successful.

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