What Questions Should Sales Managers Ask Their Clients

Every day we hear about innovations, new trends, and progress on the IT market. Whether we want this or not, the rules of the game have been changing. The role of the Developer is no longer just to write the code, as well as the role of the Sales Manager is not just to send cold emails.

Let’s talk today a little more in detail about the work of the Sales Department. If 5 years ago you could send the same email templates and find new clients with their help, now it works very rarely or does not work at all. Today a Sales Manager has to look for an individual approach to every client, to make regular follow-ups, and to make the introductory analysis of the client’s needs.

Very often Sales Managers are not technical people at all, and sometimes they cannot understand some peculiarities of the functionality and how exactly it has been created. But it is not an obstacle for them to ask the questions, which can improve the understanding of the project specifications and which can help to have the general idea of what kind of team is needed for the realization of the client’s wishes.


What to start with? You can start with simple and general questions about the project:

  • What is the main goal of the project?
  • Who is the target audience? What is the market for it?
  • How does the client want to differ from the competitors?
  • Do they already have any website/application/system, which they want to change? If yes, what do they like about it?
  • Are there any other examples they like or, on the contrary, they do not like and do not want to have anything in common with?

After receiving answers to these questions, you will have already a vision of what the client needs, what they like or not, how interesting this project is for them, what their need is and how your team can help to solve their problem.

After this, you can try to move to a bit more detailed questions about technical requirements.

  • Do they have a corporate identity which should be used in the project?
  • Do they have the project architecture or it will be part of your work?
  • What should the types of the pages be?
  • Do they have mock ups or wireframes, or it will be part of your work?
  • What do they expect the user will be able to do on their website/system/app?

And then you will have to ask more specific questions, depending on what exactly your future client wants to develop. For example, if it is some kind of online shop, you can ask:

  • What payment systems would they like to connect?
  • How should the shop synchronize with the providers of the products?
  • With what social media should the online shop integrate?
  • Would they like any subscription or newsletter services?

If for example, it is internal CRM/ERP system, then you should check the next points:

  • What modules should the CRM system include?
  • Should there be any functionality for making analytics?
  • From what resources should the data be integrated into the CRM?
  • How should the internal search work?
  • Would they like to have several levels of access to the system?

If we talk about the development of a corporate website, then we can ask the following:

  • Would they like to have online chat?
  • Would they like to involve some audio or video instruments?
  • Should the website be multi-language?
  • What do they think about making a forum or blog for their website?

After receiving all the necessary answers, you may also ask about their plans of when they would like to start the development, when they want to have the first version of the project released, as it gives you a better understanding of the client’s needs, which thus will help you in the future when you start to create a team for this project specifically.

Of course, it is not a complete list of questions, which you can ask the clients. Because, in my opinion, there is no perfect script or template with the text or questions, which only should be used in order to make a sale. Such templates can only be a kind of insurance for Sales Managers when they are confused or do not know what to ask. That’s why every Sales Manager has to learn to listen and to analyze what the client says and according to this they should ask appropriate questions. The right questions lead you to the high-quality offer to your client, and a detailed offer can lead you to an interesting and new cooperation.


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