Why Do You Need to Choose Outstaffing? Useful Tips for Those Who Hesitate

You may hear the word “outsourcing” more often than “outstaffing”, but both of these working models are worth considering. Are there any differences in these models? And why outstaffing may be a very good option for your business? Let’s talk about it in more detail.

With outsourcing the company is fully responsible for the development of the project it agrees to deliver to the client, while the outstaffing model involves hiring a dedicated team, or a separate web developer, QA engineer or other experts specifically for the clients’ project. This type of working model is becoming more and more popular in the world and it suits those business owners who wish to manage such experts directly.


Why do you need to work with outstaffing developers? How do you benefit from it?

  • the client will have control over the IT team or individual developer, which means that he/she will be informed about the project on all stages of implementation. Regular phone calls, skype meetings and discussions, updates, releases, sprints – you can control everything that you need to be sure that the team is working efficiently, and every issue and task is taken care of. This is very useful because you avoid misunderstandings along the project, unreported hours etc.;
  • a quick response to the needs of your business – this is one of the most important advantages of outstaffing. You can find a dedicated team to out staff your project in a few days, and if you need to hire some developers in your office it can take months. You don’t need to worry about what this team will do after a certain project is completed, because this is not your in house team.
  • outstaffing provides all ways of reliable cooperation and possibilities to coordinate the work of the experts according to your project;
  • you have to be confident about finance, NDA, and compliance with legislation. Security plays a key role in every business idea. And yours is not an exception. Sometimes freelancers cannot guarantee security, and it leads to business losses and problems with the quality of your project. No quality – no users; no users – no profits. For you, it is crucial, isn’t it? With the outstaffing model you sign a contract with a reliable company and thus, all your rights are protected;
  • much cheaper resources in comparison with in house employees. Lower project costs;
  • high-quality product and prompt completion of the project;
  • efficiency;
  • you have direct access to remote staff through web-tools which are easy-to-use;
  • forget about extra expenses on seeking and hiring specific individuals. You may receive a good proposal from your outstaffing team and usually it has broad experience with technologies you might require. In addition to this, you may need one technology today and a completely different one tomorrow, so you can always easily find remote experts for outstaffing.

Yes, like every model, outstaffing may have some issues and sometimes difficulties might occur, such as differences in time zones or complicated communication because of the language barrier. But you can always find those teams who suit you best.

Every business owner can choose by himself or herself whether to work on the outsourcing or outstaffing model. It depends on your needs. We in [bvblogic] have considerable experience in both outsourcing and outstaffing, and there is nothing we can’t handle. So we would happily analyze your particular task or project, and help you to make this decision. We can definitely provide you with a suitable experienced team according to your needs. So, contact us, we are always open for communication!


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