Why It Is Better to Hire Ukrainian Developers for Your Outsourcing or Outstaffing Project

Ukraine is a growing country with big resource capacity. Every year, the number of IT specialists is increasing. More and more enthusiasts would like to devote their time to technologies. Clients, at the same time, need to receive a high-quality solution within all the deadlines from the provider’s side and good communication during the process.

Let’s get into why the US and EU clients prefer to work with Ukrainian developers.



Location of Ukraine seems to be really convenient for communication with people from other countries. Average time difference with most European countries is 2 hours and with the USA 8-9 hours on average. This fact means that scheduling online meetings with clients won’t be a problem for both sides. Also, it takes a few hours to get to any European country by plane.


First, Ukrainians are hardworking and open-minded specialists. They are often creative when it comes to offering useful recommendations for the client’s business. Also, they are open to new ideas, challenges, and their qualification allows them to compete in the global IT sector. Their professional approach might make everyone jealous!



IT industry becomes popular among Ukrainian students. As the need for these majors grows, a lot of universities open new technical faculties where young people have an opportunity to learn software engineering. Alumni get bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the age of 20-22, and after graduation they are ready to start a career in IT companies. And for people who prefer gaining software knowledge more quickly, there are a lot of IT schools, where they can learn specific technologies.

This is the reason why the number of Ukrainian IT experts is so high. According to the DAXX statistics, there were 53K developers, 11K QAs, 8K PMs and 8K UI/UX experts in Ukraine in 2016. And this quantity is rapidly growing.


Foreign languages

The most widespread second language among Ukrainian engineers is English, although French, German, Polish, the knowledge of Russian might occur. According to statistics, almost 70% of all Ukrainian IT engineers have either intermediate or higher level of English. It helps to overcome the language barrier. It is a well-known fact that IT cannot exist without English, so almost every internet company organizes internal language classes for its employees. Regular knowledge evaluation tests and speaking topics are included. No limits for their personal growth!


The price for development is really competitive in Ukraine, if we compare it with US and the EU. At the same time, the quality is very high, thus, a Ukrainian development team seems to be just a perfect choice for foreign clients.

Skill Variety

Ukrainian developers aim to develop their knowledge and obtain new skills that are in high demand in the modern IT world. That’s why technologies we work with are really diverse and clients can get any needed stack in one place. We work with Front-End, Back-End, Mobile Development, and every new framework that appears in the world is learned by Ukrainian developer.

Are you looking for IT outstaffing/outsourcing team for successful implementation of technical parts of your projects? Now you know where IT talents live and why it’s efficient to work with them.

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