Why Ruby on Rails is Perfect Match for Your New Startup?

Before answering you the question above, first, we need to know what actually the Ruby on Rails is – it is a web application MVC  framework written in Ruby under MIT License, providing default structures for a database, a web service, and web pages.

Pretty much every startup during the process of development has the tasks related to the authentication, synchronization with the social networks, admin panel and so on, and Ruby on Rails has a lot of gems, or in other words, ready solutions, which help to save the developer’s time on the programming of trivial tasks.

Moreover, programming is constantly growing and developing area, that is why one more significant plus is large community, which helps to develop RoR in web direction, there is a very quick reaction from the Ruby language creators to any requests about RoR language shortcomings, as they work in pool request system.

What is the guarantee of successful efficient project – well done testing. Not everybody knows that it is quite common for Ruby developers to write tests, what really helps development team, as well as customer in the implementation and support of the project.

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