Yalla. Creation of a successful marketplace

Today it is difficult to find a person who has never made a purchase, an order or has never sold anything online before. According to statistics, 80% of people have made a purchase online at least once, and 50% have done it more than once. 71% of people believe that they can get a better deal online than in stores. Of course, e-commerce is among the most rapidly growing business areas nowadays.

[bvblogic] company has considerable experience in the development of e-commerce solutions. We are proud of our projects which grew, developed and now have become well-known in many countries. A great example of such a project is Yalla.


The idea of Yalla service was to create a network of massive classifieds in African and Asian countries, where this niche had not been occupied by large-scope market players yet. Our team worked on the development of  the classifieds Yalla.ng. This is the biggest advertisement board in Nigeria.

The main complexity in the development process was tight deadlines for the development process and the need to choose the most appropriate technology that would allow scaling the service in other countries rapidly.


 [bvblogic] technical specialists conducted a qualitative examination of the project and suggested developing the service on highly-effective PHP Framework, Yii. Due to the well-organized work of [bvblogic] developers, Yalla was released in time.
550445997_1280x960Why Yii Framework? What makes it especially convenient?
  • full compatibility with PHP5, Yii supports all of its functionality;
  • flexibility and convenient architecture;
  • a built-in generator of code, which accelerates and simplifies the work;
  • convenient and flexible caching, it supports different cache storage;
  • integration with the java-script library – jQuery, which makes it easy to create Ajax elements on pages.
  • possibility of use of the classes of other frameworks (e.g., Zend Framework, Kohana etc.) as extensions. You can use all the functionality of the connected classes.
  • all standard classes of the framework are highly secured.

So, as a result of our dedicated work and coordinated actions of the whole team, and also the proper choice of suitable technologies, our client got a reliable and flexible system, which easily copes with high loads and can be successfully scaled on the other markets.

Eventually, after the work had been finished, the service expanded and was renamed to LALAFO. Today it is actively conquering the markets of Africa (Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania, Botswana) and Asia (Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan). Every day millions of users post new advertisements and make millions of purchase/sale transactions.


We are always happy to observe our projects grow and succeed. And making clients happy is truly one of our top priorities.

If you like our solutions, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will gladly provide you with 2 hours of consulting free of charge. We will discuss all your ideas and give you our qualified technical and marketing recommendations.

We know how to turn your idea into a successful product, and we will be happy to it for you.

Let’s do IT together!

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